9 Active Pieces You Need In Your Life
You know that feeling after finishing a *really* good workout? There’s nothing better… plus that post-sweat-sesh glow is for real. And whether you live for a morning jog or that neighborhood yoga studio is your om away from home, the...
Mother Oxford's Kelsey O'Connell On Embracing The Mess
The mom of one and creative mind behind Mother Oxford chats with us about pregnancy style, prepping for babe #2, and why you can have it all. Just not all at once.
How To Build a Sustainable Maternity Wardrobe
What makes a good maternity wardrobe? Lots of things go into curating a closet that’ll make you feel good as you do the hard work of growing a tiny human. Whether your clothes are getting snugger by the day or...
The Definitive Maternity Shopping Guide
Okay, first things first. Take a deep breath. Entering the world of motherhood is enough to stress about. In addition to your ever-growing registry list, I’m sure you’re wondering right about now why there’s no pregnancy registry? With none of...
The Ultimate Guide to Maternity Leggings
When you’re pregnant, a good pair of leggings isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s an essential. And whether you’re on it with your workout sched, or just need something comfy to take you through the day, you deserve to feel absolutely...
How Your Clothes Can Help You Chill
Whether you’re pregnant or just had a baby, you’re probably feeling the heat. By that, we mean your body temp—and you can thank your hormones.  For pregnant women, add in the fact that you’re lugging around another human 24/7, and...
Step One: Start By Canvassing
There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to pregnancy, but one thing is certain: your belly’s only getting bigger, and a lot of the clothes you wear now will probably stop fitting over the next nine months. But...
Step Two: Collect From Other Mamas
Now that you’ve canvassed your closet and figured out which of your items will work with your growing belly, it’s time for the next step in the CCE plan: Collect. Because here’s the thing about maternity clothes—you don’t need them...


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