Maternity Must-Haves From Just Pregnant to Motherhood

While assessing wardrobe requirements on a month-by-month (or week-by-week!) basis is fun for some, you may just want to stock up on all your maternity style needs now in a single swoop, and know you’re good to go for the months (and growth) to come. 

We’ve curated this list of must-haves to get you through your entire journey, from that first belly pop to holding babe in your arms. Of course, you may find you want a little something extra when it’s time to pack for your babymoon or if you need some additional work ‘fits, but these are the go-to pieces that will cover just about every basic need you’ll have during the next nine-plus months into motherhood. Consider it an all-encompassing kit for looking cute and feeling comfy throughout your new-mama journey.

to extend your closet

Just because you’re a mom now, doesn’t mean you have to throw away your whole closet. We created a couple pieces made specifically to let you wear your fav clothes and stick to your style.

the bellaband®

Trust us, you will not want to go through pregnancy without it. This maternity wardrobe extender was the original product that put our company on the map. It stands for freedom, flexibility, and innovation for mothers everywhere. Sure, it helps you keep wearing your pre-preg pants, but to us, it’s more than that. You just have to see for yourself.

seamless cami

A layering necessity. You can thank the extra length added to this supersoft tank that keeps your freshly showing bump from peeking out underneath your shirts. Plus, it’s a high-quality knit that will stretch with you without stretching out — which means it’ll be your foundational go-to postpartum as well.

everyday legging

Speaking of keeping that bump concealed, an easy pair of comfy leggings are definitely a maternity necessity. While other over-the-bump leggings may be able to cover you up, these ones also keep you supported with our signature crossover panel® that lifts your belly while relieving the pressure and growing weight on your back. They’ll be your new fav leggings.

everyday go-tos

You’re going to want to be prepared when that bump starts a-poppin’ with some basic outfit essentials. These should get you through with flying colors.

essential tee

There’s a reason we call it essential. This low-maintenance tee is perfect for throwing together with any outfit for the kind of “not stressing about it today” mood every mama-to-be is feeling throughout pregnancy. This extra soft v neck is incredibly easy to live in and will make your daily struggle to dress that growing bump so. much. quicker.

supportive denim

Love the design of our patented bump-supporting crossover panel? Good news; we added it to denim, too. You’re definitely going to need at least one pair of maternity jeans for those times when you want to feel like a real person instead of wearing stretchy pants for the hundredth day in a row. These go-with-anything skinnies will have you looking and feeling amazing.

everywear dress

For days when you want an entire, put-together outfit in one piece, you’re going to want this hanging in your closet. Brunching with friends? Pair with sandals and your biggest sunnies. Impromptu date night? Layer on a leather jacket and allll your gold jewelry. Headed out for errands? You know this looks cute with sneakers. Seriously, you just can’t go wrong with such a core piece added to your bump-friendly collection.

the perfect foundation

Your body is changing FAST. With growing breasts, widening hips, and more aches and pains than you can name, start every outfit right with a supportive, comfortable foundation.

pull-aside nursing bra

When you’re growing a baby, the last thing you need is too-small cups and stiff underwire digging into you. Enter this bra. It cools you off. It crosses over to be easily pulled aside when it’s time to nurse. Is there anything this bra can’t do? Yea, make you feel uncomfortable thanks to seamless stretch and support from the wide curved back to the soft, adjustable straps.

over-the-bump undies

They’re not granny panties, they’re *cool mom* panties. Literally. They have these magic little cooling fibers woven right into their soft stretch knit to wick any excess moisture and keep you dry in all the most important places. Plus, they’re no-show which means you can wear them with any outfit, free from panty lines.

Comfy lounge bra

Wearing a bra at home? Can you even call that lounging? Chances are your pre-pregnancy self was ripping off your bra the second you walked in the door. However, with those milkmakers growing at such a rapid rate, it can be seriously uncomfy to go braless. We highly recommend having a supportive yet lounge-worthy bralette like this one on hand — and the matching boyshort for good measure.

for the active mama

Is there even such a thing as a non-active mama? Pregnancy brings lots of juggling acts, running to and from appointments, and trying to stay (somewhat) in shape for that upcoming marathon called labor. Get ready to sweat with these performance pieces. 

nursing sports bra

Run to get this all-star nursing bra. A drop-cup feature is not exactly breaking news, but pair it with a medium-impact sports bra that lets you move seamlessly from jump rope to feeding, and suddenly we have something revolutionary. Plus, it’s seamless and stretchy for your breast fluctuations through pregnancy and postpartum.

performance legging

A pair of leggings actually made for more than lounging and moving slow? Say less. We seriously thought of everything with these workout leggings. Flatlock seams to nix the chafing. Tru Impact fabric made from recycled water bottles (we love a green mama!). Crossover panel to support your belly while you move. These are seriously built to move with you.

bike short

Basically the performance legging: trendy bike short edition. There are going to be days when you just want your legs to breathe free. These do just that while still giving you enough thigh and belly coverage to do all the funky yoga poses you need to. Plus, post sweat sesh just throw on an oversized sweatshirt or fresh tee and you look totally Princess Di chic.


Once the bump is gone, you may think you can go back to business as usual. And you can… kind of… But there are definitely going to be some adjustments you need to make to help your body through this final stage.


If the Bellaband is your prized possession during pregnancy (it will be!), the Afterband is the new-mom equivalent. It’s designed especially for postpartum use — soft and stretchy with just the right amount of compressive snug. Use it to smooth and shape under clothes, for extra coverage while breastfeeding in public, and for super-comfortable compression as your belly recovers.

lounge pant

A pair of comfortable black lounge pants are pretty much a necessity immediately after delivery. They’re lightweight and soft, plus their dark color ensures they won’t be ruined if any leakage sneaks through your adult diapers. High-waisted enough to leave a c-section scar alone and flowy enough to still be super cute, because comfy does not have to mean frumpy. We also made a matching nursing top!

nursing/pumping cami

This little cami has waaay more than meets the eye. When you’re in your fourth trimester, having multitasking clothing is what it’s all about. That’s why we created this tank with functionality for nursing + pumping all while keeping you cool with that patented cooling fabric we can’t stop raving about.

Do we have you ready to clear out your wardrobe? Thankfully, you don’t need to clear too much space. We’re all about sticking to essentials around here, so you’ll be all set with just a few key basics for maternity and motherhood.