The 4 warm-weather dresses every pregnant woman should own

All pregnant women in favor of living in dresses this spring/summer say “I!” Oop, that’s our cue. Hi! We’re Ingrid+Isabel and we kinda specialize in making the mom wardrobes that are practical and make you feel good, for every stage of motherhood you find yourself in. 

The biggest thing that sets us aside from the comp? We focus on maternity clothes that aren’t just maternity clothes. Meaning you won’t be packing these dresses up the second your little one pops out. That’s right, these looks will stick with you from first trimester to their first birthday (and anytime you feel like looking good in between and after). We design them with purposeful silhouettes and the most comfortable fabrics so you look just as gorgeous whether your little one is in your belly or in your arms. 

So, that’s us. Now, back to you. As the weather warms up, you may get the urge to frolic in a field á la Sound-of-Music Julie Andrews. We get it. And we think the right dresses will help nurture that feeling. Whether your mama life takes you to the grocery store, the office, or actual fields to run around with the kiddos; wearing a fun, summer-y dress can make such a difference in your mood. Basically, we think you need a dress for everywhere you go. Here’s the ultimate guide.

1. Your Everyday dress

Keep it casual, but in a dressy way. Literally. Sometimes you just want to feel put together when you’re going about your day to day. Factor in that a dress is always an all-in-one, minimal thought required outfit and it’s almost too easy to throw on and go.

smocked bodice dress

The kind of versatile ease that will let you wear it literally everyday. Grocery shopping? Check. Library storytime? Check. Just wanting to feel pretty for the long days of being a pregnant lady? We made this dress just for that feeling. It’s one of the easiest staples to just slip on.

everywear dress

Warm weather is, well, warm. When you’re fitting an entire extra human plus much-needed extra weight into your bod, things are bound to get extra toasty. This lightweight dress is just the thing to help you keep your cool. Not to mention, getting to show off that bump you’ve been working so hard on.

exercise dress

Who says a dress can’t get down n’ dirty? This exercise dress is seriously all-activity friendly. Extra-stretchy active rib and built-in shorts give you all the freedom you need to get ish done from playground to gym. You’ll love doing life with this dress.

2. Your special occasion dress

For all the special moments that make you want to put in a *little* effort; there’s no better feeling than knowing you have just what to wear. Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day, and all those summer fam get togethers peppered in; looking like an extra polished version of yourself is easy with these looks. Your Sunday best is the best we’ve ever seen.

the flutter dress

Wanna be dressy but not too dressy? We love the Flutter Dress for just how dang easy it is to wear. Its lowkey vibe makes it kid birthday party appropriate but elevated enough to up the feel of your trusty sneakers. Trust us on this one. 

rib knit skirt set

We know, we know. This one isn’t technically a dress but it serves all the put-together loveliness of a dress while giving you not one but two new staples to add to your pregnancy closet. Meaning you’ll buy it for special occasions but end up wearing the pieces on repeat, together or separate.

The party dress

It’s not called the *party* dress for nothing. We designed this pretty look with all things celebration in mind, to give you just the thing for all your big moments. Plus, with two of the most gorgeous prints to choose from, you’re bound to be obsessed with one of them.

3. your date night dress

You’re bringing sexy back, right? Just because your life revolves around tiny humans does NOT mean you have to neglect your spicy side. In fact, we think it’s more important now than ever for you to tap into that sultry-ness and remember the hot mama you are. Slip into these romantic dresses to up that date night mood.

tencel summer dress

Chances are, your significant other is significantly obsessed with you in black. This little black look is sure to spice up the mood while looking absolutely amazing no matter where your night takes you. Doing it up right? Wear your fav heels. Casual night out? Your fav sandals or tennies will do juuust fine. She’s as versatile as you, mama.

mini babydoll dress

Hardly ever see maternity dresses come in minis? Us either. That’s why we made sure to give you a cute one to fill the gap. Get flirty with a girly floral print and a mini skirt to show off all the leg. She’s sweet as sugar and will help you tap into that off-duty parent feel. Pairs well with fruity little drinks and cute shoes. 

satin slip dress

We know what you’re thinking; when did maternity get so on trend? We hear it all the time. We love the sassy look of a satin slip and think it’s just not fair for the new-mama world to be missing out. So we made this one with enough space for a bump but drape-y, silky magic to look saucy either way.

4. your work dress

Who needs summer break anyway? You’re too busy taking care of business and we’ve got mad respect for that kinda mama. So, we made these office-friendly dresses just for you. Not to mention, they look pretty damn good after work for drinks (even if they’re mocktails).

paige poplin dress

All the professionalism of a dress shirt — but you don’t have to wear pants. We’d say that’s a workwear win. This 100% cotton dress keeps things classy while giving your bump ample breathing room and you multiple ways to style, thanks to its simple design and details.

the tunic dress

If practicality is the name of your workin’ mom game (it should be!), this adorable tunic should already be in your closet. With a no-wrinkle fabric, pockets, and the most streamlined style to go with pretty much everything you already own, you’re going to have no problem slipping her on in the morning and getting out the door with minimal thought.

rib t-shirt dress

Let’s get down to business; your office is kinda cool. It’s on the trendy side of town and you like it that way. Not too stuffy, not too formal, but just a bit elevated from your go-to weekend wear. This dress will be a staple for your too-cool officewear. From retro stripes to a little black dress, we gave you a couple different colors so you can wear it how you want.

Anyone else feeling ready to take these dresses for a spin? Remember, the biggest factor in shopping, especially for maternity clothes, is finding pieces that make you feel confident and comfortable. So when you find something that really makes you feel great, go for it, mama!

And don’t forget; we give a special gift with all purchases, every day. If you were looking for a sign to go for your dress, or four, that’s probably it. Happy shopping! We think you’ll look (and feel) amazing.