Who we are

Forget what you know about maternity.

We started with a simple goal: To keep you in your regular clothes longer. Because dressing an unfamiliar body is hard and maternity wear is known to be temporary—aka wasteful. Instead, we design pieces that build on what you already own, and they flex from pregnancy all the way thru postpartum. Made with the care you deserve right now.

We do maternity responsibly so you can keep doing you

At Ingrid+Isabel, we invented the first belly band that lets you shop what’s in your closet before buying new. This less-is-more approach has evolved into a full line of edited essentials from us and our favorite brands. We want you to buy only the pieces you need and love enough to pass on when you're done—because what you wear right now impacts landfills later.

What we value

Less is more. Supportive fits. Functional design.


Designed to be worn on repeat trimester after trimester. Our styles complement what's already in your wardrobe—because no one wants to buy something you'll only wear for 3 months.


You’re dealing with a lot right now—you don’t have time for uncomfortable clothes. It’s why we put a lot of care into how your clothes feel, sourcing the softest fabrics around.

Quality + fit

Our pieces last pregnancy after pregnancy. They're high performance, low maintenance, and made to fit you perfectly thanks to feedback from hundreds of pregnant women.


It’s in our DNA, starting with the Bellaband ® designed to hold up your pants. Enter the Crossover Panel® and patent pending Pumping Bra, and we’re still problem solvers to the core.


Not everyone can or wants to drop money on clothes for themselves with a babe on the way. So we price our products fairly, and partner exclusively with Target to bring you Isabel Maternity.


We consider it for anything and everything we put out in the world. To date, we've donated over $2.2M to women in need and are making big moves when it comes to sustainability.


Discover the brands we believe in.


When you're pregnant or postpartum, it's hard to know what you need and where to find it. So we scour the shelves to bring you the best products for your life right now from the most ethical brands we know.


From versatility to sustainability, if they're here you know they align. Like DL1961's water conservation efforts and NOM's bump and nursing-friendly designs. Read up on all our brands here.


Above all, we support moms—and the ones who can command a dinner table and a boardroom are our kind of people. Over 70% of the brands we carry are female-founded, and over 50% are moms.

what's next

We've got exciting plans and partnerships in the works, and are always looking for more. Hit us with your ideas :)