9 Active Pieces You Need In Your Life

You know that feeling after finishing a *really* good workout? There’s nothing better… plus that post-sweat-sesh glow is for real. And whether you live for a morning jog or that neighborhood yoga studio is your om away from home, the truth is that working out doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to stop just because you’re pregnant.

There are SO many reasons why making time to move your body during pregnancy is super important. We’re talking benefits like better sleep, a brighter mood, and improved energy levels. Need another reason? Working out consistently can help you recover more quickly after babe arrives… enough said. Even a daily walk can have a serious impact, with The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommending 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week (that’s about 30 minutes, 5 days a week). Throw on your AirPods, fire up a podcast, and get moving. It might even turn into your favorite part of the day.

Best moves: maternity activewear

When it comes to staying active throughout pregnancy and beyond, a good workout wardrobe is key. As your bump grows and the rest of your body expands to make room, even those super stretchy leggings you once lived in will start squeezing you in all the wrong places. That’s where the best maternity activewear comes in. Comfortable, supportive, and designed to move with you, the right workout clothing really makes all the difference. 

Lucky for you, active essentials are our specialty. We designed and patented pretty much the Rolls-Royce of belly panels to keep your bump and back gently supported as you work out. After all, it’s one of the few things that you do for YOU, and you deserve to feel your best while doing it. So go ahead, schedule some gym time or book that prenatal class you’ve been eyeing… we’re sharing the best of the best maternity clothes for your next workout. 

The best workout leggings

A good legging or jogger is an activewear staple, and it’s even more important when you’re carrying all that extra weight around. You’ll want one that’s breathable, supportive, and can adapt to your growing bump so you don’t have to keep investing in a new pair. We broke down what to look for in a maternity legging here, and are diving into some favorites below. Read on to see what makes them so good… 

The Performance Legging

If you’re looking for a high-performance legging with serious support, we’ve got just the thing. It’s topped with our Crossover Panel® that supports the low back as your belly grows (bonus: it keeps you cool thanks to its low back design). And with our featherweight, four-way stretch Tru Impact fabric, there’s no more slipping, yanking, or chafing. Bonus: it's made from recycled polyester yarn that naturally moisture-wicking. You’ll love the slick feel (no lint!) and breathable finish. And since we’re all about options, we also made a bike short, capri, 7/8, and a pocket version.

fold down legging

If you're a low (or no) impact kinda gal, this legging is for you. Featuring our softest, never-sheer fabric that feels like nothing, you can jog in, nap in, and let's face it, live in it. Oh, and that magic, high-rise waistband that will fit you throughout your entire nine months and beyond? It’s also convertible, which means you’ll be reaching for these leggings on days when you’re opting for some over-belly support or under-belly freedom. More of a fashion gal? We also made a flare version.

Ultimate fold down jogger

We call this jogger “ultimate” for a reason—it’s designed to do it all. Thanks to a lightweight and versatile performance fabric, it provides all-day wear that easily transitions from workouts to errands. Topped off with the same convertible belly panel that you can wear over or under, it’s the everyday piece you need for every stage of pregnancy plus postpartum, too. And in case you’re a sweatsuit kinda gal, we also made a matching pullover.  

The Best Workout Tops

When your body is growing and changing by the day, an oversize tee won’t quite give you the support you need (and deserve!). The right workout top should be breathable, comfy, and bump-supporting. Luckily, we have more than a few options for you. 

Pregnant women in a white long sleeve workout top


Going for a brisk walk or joining an outdoor workout class? This long sleeve tee was made for getting outside. It’s got everything you could want and need with moisture-wicking to keep you dry, a fitted silhouette, plus thumb holes at the cuffs to keep everything in place. We’re in love with the recycled stretch nylon fabric that’s got subtle ribbing for a textured look with plenty of stretch. For sweaty indoor or warm weather workouts check out her sleeveless sister.

pregnant women in black and white stripe workout maternity tank top

Active Crossback Tank

For lower intensity workouts, a top that’s light, flowy, and breathable is the move. This one has it all, making it the perfect piece for prenatal yoga, barre, a walk, whatever. It’s constructed from a beyond soft and lightweight fabric with a criss-cross back detail. Oh, and it also features side slits so you stay comfy no matter which trimester you’re in. Black, white, striped, or tie-dyed by hand in Los Angeles, there’s no shortage of cute options. Chances are you’ll want to wear her even if your agenda doesn’t include working out… 

mom in a black tank top breastfeeding her baby


Ask any of your nursing friends, tops with easy access are essential… and it’s surprisingly hard to find a workout top. That’s why we made this tank for easing back into movement while breastfeeding, and we also spent months getting the fit just right so you can wear it pregnant too. Breathable, bump-friendly, with a lot of bang for your buck, the double layered nursing design makes it a no brainer. 

The Best Sports bras + Jackets

A supportive maternity sports bra is a MUST for any active mama, especially as your body starts producing milk and things start getting *real* heavy up there. It’s common to go up at least a cup size or two while you’re pregnant and nursing, and this is where really good support comes in. Luckily, we have a whole bra shop of options, but for workouts you’re gonna want something full coverage, stretchy, supportive, and above all, comfortable. You should also avoid underwire styles while working out, and a sports bra with nursing access is a huge plus if you want a best of both worlds kinda thing… yep, we got that too.

When it's chilly out, maternity workout jackets and pullovers are the move for keeping warm. Of course, you could always wear your tried and true zip up, but it doesn’t really help if you can’t zip it allll the way up. Because babe wants some warmth too, we got the perfect jacket for you...

pregnant woman holding hand weights with grey nursing sports bra and black leggings

seamless nursing sports bra

We’ve been through pregnancy and postpartum a few times over, so we thought of everything when creating this medium-impact sports bra. It’s the comfy-yet-supportive unicorn of nursing bras in a stretchy, seamless rib fabric with removable padded cups. Plus with one-handed clips, feeding has *never* been easier. It’s a winner all around.

pregnant women wearing a maternity active workout set with green sports bra and matching green leggings

cooling longline nursing sports bra

Prepare for a next-level nursing bra experience. This high neckline paired with a rib-length seamless band gives you ultimate coverage. We constructed this functional bra with lots of thoughtful details. The ribbed chevron texture gives you enough support for light workouts while our seamless cooling fabric removes extra bulk and heat.

Active Side Zip Jacket

Two words: Meghan Markle. Yes, she wore this sleek zip up out and about like a boss, but she also could have worn it to the gym and worked out like royalty. Like any good performance piece, it’s made from moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fabric, but it’s also got a convenient side zip so you can customize the fit as your belly grows. And because every mom needs a place to stash her stuff, zip pockets for the win.

The Takeaway

Movement really is medicine—especially when you’re pregnant or *finally* coming out of that postpartum fog. A brisk walk, some restorative yoga, light stretching at home… it all helps contribute to a happy, healthy pregnancy and after. As a busy mom, you might not have a full hour to commit to working out, but every bit of time you take for you can make allll the difference. And since you never know when you’ll be able to squeeze in your next workout, we’re all about styles that flex from active to everyday, that balance you and your nursing needs. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate all that your powerful body can do.