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So, ya popped that baby out and now you’re getting excited to start hanging with adults again. That’s right, this is a back-to-work special. Returning to the office after having a baby brings a whole new set of challenges and questions. Like, how have things changed since I was gone? Will my colleagues still treat me the same (they better!) and the million-dollar question:

what do i wear after maternity leave?

You may be pumping at work, still healing from your L&D experience and, chances are, your body has not gone completely back to normal just yet — and how could it? Your uterus stretched to the size of a watermelon for goodness sake.

You probably spent those sacred days of parental leave in sweats, nightgowns, and the comfiest robe you could find. Now that it’s time to get back to the outside world, you may be wondering how you’ll cope. Don’t worry. Our expertise extends far past just maternity — we put in sneaky postpartum features to take the guesswork out of post-babe dressing, too. You read that right. The same maternity piece can go from hidin’ a bump from your co-workers to helping you pump with
ease once you’re back at it.

Keep reading for HR-approved clothes that will be comfortable, stylish, and no one will suspect were made with postpartum features in mind.

classic button up

When your pre-preg business casual looks aren’t quite fitting just yet, you can count on this relaxed yet professional button up — you just can’t go wrong with a classic button up shirt. This one is designed with a relaxed fit that will let you breathe even though your body has gone through some significant changes. Bonus points: buttons = easy to pump without getting topless at the office.

Everywear smocked top

It’s hard finding something office-modest that doesn’t feel frumpy. It's why we're obsessed with this oh-so-lovely top that checks all the boxes for comfort and style. The square neckline and super stretchy smocking give you a trendy edge while the lightweight fabric drapes beautifully for all the comfort and coverage you could need.

mother oxford button up

A crisp white button up that will actually stay crisp and white?! Sign us up. This top was made with a mess-friendly performance material that’s ready for spills, leaks, diaper changes that go haywire, and anything else motherhood will throw at you. It’s a nice-looking piece you can wear to work and won’t have to change out of the second you get home. Learn more about the brand from our interview with Mother Oxford’s Creative Director!

everywear ponte pant

No slacks zone! Your regular work pants are just not going to cut it when it comes to the stretch and comfort that your body needs — no, deserves — after carrying a baby. These pants are made with the utmost care and a lightweight fabric that’s elevated enough to fool all your colleagues into thinking you’re dressing up. They’d be shocked to know your pants have a super comfy elastic waistband that’s designed to fit pre-and-post. Meaning, you can start wearing these guys on repeat before your maternity leave even starts.

ripe lexie satin skirt

Who says the office hot girl can’t be a mom, too? This skirt keeps you looking trendy while still being totally professional enough for the office. Its high waist keeps you covered and stretches in all the places you may need it. We love it paired with the Mother Oxford button up or a simple sweater for days when you aren’t afraid to *shine* a bit.

ripe linda cardigan

Offices are notoriously chilly, so no one will bat an eyelash when you slip on this longline cardigan. The open front means you're not left shivering in your pumping room. This is the kinda piece you’ll want to keep on the back of your chair daily.

in conclusion...

Just because you have a baby, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal sense of style for a boring “mom look.” At the same time, you don’t want to rush your body’s healing process and overlook the fact that she still needs to be handled with extra care — but comfy does not have to equal frumpy. Instead, it’s a fashion meets function kinda thing for making the most out of your situation.

And because a comfy-yet-office-worthy wardrobe doesn’t mean anything without the right underpinnings, choose a wireless bra (we’ve got some great options for nursing) and pair with some soft undies (like this pair that has built-in cooling!).

From pumping schedules to getting back into the swing of projects, meetings and everything in between, the journey back to work after maternity leave isn’t always easy or glamorous. If there’s one thing you can control, it’s the clothes you wear. Having the right staple pieces for your postpartum work wardrobe can truly make all the difference in your feeling comfortable, relaxed, and ready to take on new mamahood while keeping up that girl boss status.

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