how your clothes can help you chill

Whether you’re pregnant or just had a babe, you’re probably feeling the heat. By that, we mean your body temp (thanks, hormones). Add in #hotmomsummer and it’s time to cue the body cooling clothing—yup, it’s a thing. These products are game changers and can make any expecting or postpartum mom feel like a new lady. Ours are made with cooling technology integrated right into the seamless fabric. Keep reading to learn why it’s one of the *coolest* things around.

what is cooling tech?

Great question :) What makes ours unique is that it brings in three heavy hitters that really make a difference for pregnant and postpartum women: cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying. They all come together to continuously bring down your body temp—this means not having to worry about boob sweat or embarrassing pit stains. When the hormones take over or you’re breastfeeding and start to overheat, this cooling trifecta will give ya that head-in-the-freezer-feeling. Best of all, since they’re built right into the fabric, the cooling minerals will stay woven into your clothes no matter how many times you throw them in the laundry.

cooling seamless support cami

This cami is an absolute game changer when it comes to building your maternity wardrobe. With the power to give you the support your growing belly needs while keeping you cool and dry, we love it as a cooling underlayer with almost any outfit. Whether you’re working through hot flashes, pregnancy sweat, or just carrying your babe in a hot, sticky climate, (summer mamas-to-be, unite!) this tank will help you out big time.

cooling bodysuit

If you’re dreaming of the day you’ll be able to start wearing your pre-preg bodysuits again, we’ve got great news. This maternity bodysuit was crafted with bumps *and comfort* in mind. With its amazing cooling tech covering you from shoulder to undies, you’ll stay so much more dry and comfy plus look effortlessly cute.

cooling high rise underwear

We totally didn't want to go there...but you may be getting extra sweaty down there. These over-the-belly undies will help you out with that whole situation. They’re breathable, moisture wicking, and give that cooling coverage you didn't even know you needed. You might just keep wearing them post pregnancy. We would.

Cooling crossover nursing bra

When your babe’s cuddled up on you to nurse, your body temp is going to rise—but there’s no reason to sweat it. This bra helps you stay cool during skin-to-skin and is also a great 24/7 staple to help you beat boob sweat. Don’t worry pumping mamas, we thought of you, too, with a drop-down, pump-friendly version.

Cooling Postpartum compression tank

We combined two of the biggest things your body needs after delivery: compression and cooling. Once your babe makes his grand entrance, your body doesn’t go back to normal right away (shocking, we know!). Having some solid compression can help to support your belly as it shrinks back to its regular size. The cooling part is basically just a perk we peppered in to take this tank to the next level.

Cooling postpartum compression underwear

Speaking of compression and cool-down powers, ready to meet the bottom-half twin to our postpartum tank? Made to comfortably hold your postpartum tummy together with layered compression and a stretch-with-you design, you’ll love these panties throughout your new mama journey. Did we mention they’re C-section friendly?!

That’s it! The low-down on our most-loved maternity and postpartum essentials to help moms keep cool as their bodies change. 

When it comes to new motherhood, lots of women are told to just accept the parts of their bodies that are making life extra hard. We combat those struggles with science-backed solutions, like The Oil for stretching skin, Bellaband for growing out of your clothes and, now, cooling-mineral clothing to keep sweat at bay.

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