The mom registry: 9 postpartum items to add to your baby registry

Say it with us: Baby registries are for mom, too. You may have noticed that “For the Parent(s)” category on your registry builder or some godsent angel in your family asked “what do you need for postpartum?” and now you’re over here wondering, wait, what do I need? You’ve been spending all this time putting together the perfect nursery and making lists of things to avoid while breastfeeding (pro tip: that list is shorter than you think) that you haven’t stopped to consider the other person that’s going to need a thing or two after this whole life-altering experience: yourself. 

The postpartum stage is a doozy. There are moments of sheer, cuddly new-mom bliss. And there are going to be moments when you’re wondering, dear God, how is my body still bleeding? Don’t say we didn’t warn ya. Postpartum is all about survival, which is why you should take all the spoiling, help, and gifting you can get. So beef up your baby registry and turn it into a postpartum registry with must-haves that will help your body and new needs feel a little more normal.

For what's left of your pregnant belly

DYK that most women look about 5 months pregnant after giving birth? Your freshly evacuated belly will take some time to get back to feeling normal, which we think is super justified after, y’know, creating a whole human. Treat your tummy right with these postpartum lifesavers.

The Afterband

It’s honestly kind of uncomfortable moving around in the first weeks after birth with your stomach feeling like a bag of jelly attached to your torso. It feels vulnerable, squishy and like you need to secure it somehow. That’s where the Afterband comes in to hold things in place and smooth you out. Bonus points for the compression helping your core muscles to re-engage!

postpartum compression tank

When you’re starting to transition out of 24/7 PJ’s, this staple tank is going to be an easy everyday piece. It’s super comfortable to wear under outfits (or alone with shorts/skirts!) while still giving your stomach the right compressive support. We especially love its cooling and moisture wicking minerals built in, because we all know the hormone changes get us a lil sweaty from time to time.

the nest dress

If you didn’t already treat your pregnant self with this super cozy lounge dress, we think it’s time to go for it. Postpartum mamas love the Nest Dress for its extra soft knit that will give your belly all the space it needs — it’s ready to slip on as soon as you’re ready to wear clothes again. Coming home outfit, anyone?

for your nursing boobs

The girls are going through a lot. If you’re later in your third tri, you may have already started seeing some colostrum (side note: how CRAZY is it the first time you see something come out of your boob??). There’s a lot more where that came from. And we’ve got just the things.

Cool Mom nursing relief packs

If you’ve talked to other moms about their postpartum/nursing experience, they’ve probably let you in on some insider knowledge, but if not, we’ll lay it out quick and simple: there are different times postpartum that you’ll want heat or freezy packs on your boobs, whether for engorgement, let-down help, sore nips or plugged ducts. These ones are the easiest to use and reusable!

Crossover Nursing Bra

This is probably one of the most stretchy YET supportive bras on the market. It’s a great labor bra thanks to its cooling abilities, postpartum bra because you’ll need that stretchy freedom when milk comes in (spoiler: your boobs will be gigantic for a couple days) and all-around nursing bra with a low-profile, easy-to-wear design that you can wear with pretty much everything.

Silverette nursing cups

This is one of those presents that will have everyone at your baby shower oohing and aahing and saying “I wish we had these back in my day!” (We all know the grandmas love this kind of stuff). Silverettes are little Italian-made silver cups that fit over your nipple and provide healing power in between nursing seshes. If you’re skeptical of the magic, read these veteran moms’ Silverettes stories!

For your birthing bits

C-section & vag-birthing moms agree, whichever exit route your baby decides to take will definitely need some extra attention. Don’t take it personally, but this is about to get real personal.

Cool Mom Post-Birth pack

One thing you should know about being a new mom: it hurts. We made this temperature therapy pack to make you a little more comfortable in the weeks following labor. That long curved shape fits perfectly in panties after a vaginal birth or across your stitches following a c-section. It’ll soothe your postpartum pain in a super easy way (no padsicle-making party necessary!) with freeze time at 30 minutes & heat-up time clocking in around 5-10 mins.

peri bottle

Wiping is uncomfortable after giving birth vaginally. Plus, with all the lochia (vaginal discharge mix of blood, mucus & uterine tissue after birth, yay!) and pads you’ll be wearing, it can be nice to freshen up your lady bits pretty frequently. That’s where a handy dandy peri bottle comes in. Use it to spray warm water in lieu of wiping after using the loo for all the gentle cleansing your perineal area needs.

postpartum underwear

After giving birth, you just won’t be ready to put on real undies immediately. These ones are sooo stretchy and soft, giving you a cloth-like feel that can actually be washed and reused a bunch before they’re tossed, which means you won’t have to send your husband out to get an emergency pack of adult diapers when you run out. This cozy pack of five will last through your entire postpartum stage.

You should never try to gloss over the tough things you go through as a new mom. Postpartum pain is real. The differences in your body are real. And no matter how amazing your labor was, your new baby is or how deliriously happy the reality of it all makes you; you are going to have big needs to take care of for yourself. 

The key takeaway we want to give you: none of this is taboo or embarrassing. There’s no reason to feel weird putting self-care products on your registry. The whole point of a registry is for people to get gifts you will actually need and use. These ones are all sure to be useful and help you feel more comfortable as you make the plunge into life with a new little one and lots of new changes for your body, too. 

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