Pregnancy-Safe Belly Oil: Ingredients Decoded

Expecting a new babe is one of life’s biggest blessings. Physically, though, things can get uncomfortable as your body grows, births, and then feeds that little miracle of yours. By now, you’ve probably noticed some unwanted symptoms popping up like nausea, heartburn, swelling, insomnia and/or hemorrhoids (we have products for many of those btw!). But it’s all worth it when you finally have your beautiful babe in your arms.

After decades in the maternity business, we know a good thing when we see it. We’ve sourced the best-of-the-best products from brands we love to serve your every need. And in the meantime, we’ve been working behind the scenes on our own skincare solution we know you’re gonna love. 

After a deep dive in the belly care space, we found that more doesn’t mean better. Formulas don’t need 15+ ingredients to do good for your skin. We’re moms too, and have learned through lots of trial and error to keep things simple. We learned that less is more. Fewer products with multiple uses because you’re busy. Fewer ingredients that are 100% natural and only there if they serve a purpose. It’s been two years in the making, but The Oil (with the help of some amazing natural ingredient experts!) has arrived.

The Oil

We know we’re a little biased, but this truly is the best belly oil around. It’s simple, safe, and really works—what more could you ask for!? It only takes a few drops to feed your tight, itchy skin with nutrients and intense hydration, and help prevent stretch marks as your belly grows.

We formulated The Oil with just 7 natural ingredients. Yep, you read that right...7 ingredients. 1 bottle. One of them is rose absolute to give you those spa vibes every time you apply. Read up on all the ingredients below and why we picked them!


1. Apricot Kernel Oil: We chose this oil as our nourishing base. It’s fast-absorbing which means you get no stickiness and rich in vitamin E to support skin elasticity.

2. Calendula Flower*: You may know this flower as the marigold, but did you know that it has amazing skin-healing properties? We put it in The Oil for two reasons: to help soften skin and calm irritation. Plus it’s chock full of antioxidants (okay, so that’s three reasons!). 

3. Marshmallow Root*: Not the kind you make s’mores with, this is actually a powerful perennial herb known for its anti-inflammatory properties. We put it in The Oil to help relieve irritation and soothe uncomfortable, stretching skin. 

4. Lavender Flower*: You know lavender for its calming benefits, and this also applies to your skin. We infused it in The Oil because it promotes collagen production to help prevent stretch marks as your belly grows. 

5. Rosehips*: The fruit of the rose is also in our belly oil to help with stretch mark prevention. It’s rich in vitamins to help nourish and repair even the driest, tightest skin.

6. Chamomile Flower*: Just like chamomile tea, the oil extracted from this flower has amazinganti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can help relieve irritation like itchiness from stretching skin.

7. Rose Absolute: Last but not least, this one is in there just for mama! It gives asubtle(we know your sense of smell is heightened) rose scent that’s like a breath of fresh air. And that’s pre-bump, when you were able to take full breaths!

All in all, this lovely lineup proves that Mother Nature knows best. You don’t need icky things like parabens, gluten, or soy to make a formula that feels amazing and actually works. And if you’re not pregnant, The Oil is great for treating other areas dry patches on your elbows or even conditioning the ends of your hair!

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