30 best gift ideas for new moms this holiday season

Listen, if she brought a whole new person into the world this year, or if she’s still in the process of growing her human, she deserves a good gift. Scratch that, the best gift. We’re here to help you find the best gifts for new moms because we’ve been those new moms that no one knows how to shop for. It can be hard to understand everything she’s going through from the outside looking in, so we’re here to guide you in giving her a gift that will make her burst into happy tears (we know it’s not hard bc hormones, but still). 

So what are the best gifts for pregnant women? What do you buy a newly postpartum mom who’s going to be changing endless diapers this Christmas (both the baby’s and her own 🙃)? She’s doing important stuff like preparing for a hospital visit or figuring out how to breastfeed – she does not need a random, kitschy gift. You want something to make her feel loved and truly appreciated. We’ve got just the things from us and our sister brand Isabel at Target, plus other #targetfinds at every price point to round out our list this year.

From clothes she’ll actually love to wear all the way to the best gifts from Target for a new mom, we think this is the only holiday gift guide you’ll need for that mama in your life.

1. mama beanie

From chilly curb walking while pregnant to those “wait, when did I wash my hair last?” days of postpartum, an in-season beanie is always a new-mom go to. Grab one for her babe, too.

2. To Mama, With Love Set

This is such a thoughtful gift for a new parent. Help her relaaax, from head to toe with everything she needs for an at-home spa day, meaning she doesn’t have to spend a ton of time googling whether products are safe for baby.

3. sweater maternity Dress

Want to gift her some extra confidence this winter? This LBD is *super flattering* plus woven in a stretchy knit to fit her perfectly from pregnancy to postpartum. Direct quote from Lina in her 2nd trimester: “This dress is CONFIDENCE.”

4. Nursing Pajama Bundle

This PJ gift set gives your new mom four different combos to wear, so she has plenty of options to keep her cozy. Trust us, the mental fog is real and having these easy mix-n-match pieces will keep her from having to think about one more thing before bed.

5. Pregnancy Body Oil

Stretching bellies, itching skin, dry hair, much-needed massages and loooong baths — all things made better with our do-it-all oil. We’ll let the third tri moms do the talking though, “It's a pregnancy game-changer. Keeps my bump smooth, moisturized, and glowy! 5/5 stars!” -Kathryn. Bonus points if you gift her free back massages to go with it (talking to you, hubs).

6. mama crew sweatshirt

Her old college sweatshirts are looking a little worn out, guys. Upgrade her lounge with a cozy sweatshirt to rep her new identity or make it a sentimental gift for mom by getting her last name embroidered below the “Mama.”

7. Full body pregnancy pillow

These mega-pillows will help her get more comfortable sleep during her pregnancy (which is so hard!!) , plus can serve as a breastfeeding pillow once babe arrives!

8. Hooded Maternity Parka

Wondering how she’s going to keep her bump warm this winter? Bundle her up in our extra-length puffer jacket that adjusts depending on her pregnancy stage.

9. Family Journal

Pick out a journal you know she’ll love and tell her it’s specifically for writing down the funny, cute and memorable things the kiddos do over the years. This is the perfect gift for new mom from dad and will become a fam favorite in no time.

10. The nest maternity dress

The kind of cozy-yet-put-together look every new mom deserves, and most don’t even know exists. Made with the kind of soft-to-the-touch fabric that we can’t stop feeling everytime we pass it by; it’ll be love at first lounge. 

11. Stanley cup

Moms need serious hydration and if she doesn’t have a Stanley cup, she probably wants one. If she does already have a Stanley cup, she probably wants another one.

12. Bellaband

Total transparency: most new moms aren’t able to zip their pants up. But we don’t think that’s a reason not to wear them. Help that pregnant or postpartum mama stick to her own style with a super practical gift she’ll wear a ton.

13. Active Maternity Jacket

For the ones who already have that soccer mom energy, this black zip up will quickly become a closet staple that, you guessed it, looks amazing whether she’s sporting a bump or not.

14. Initial necklace

With new baby’s letter, of course. As former pregnant women ourselves, we know it’s kind of hard to grasp the reality that there’s an actual person growing in your belly. Having a piece of the new baby in her jewelry can help it all feel more real.

15. Tencel Maternity Joggers

If practicality is your new mom’s style, gift her these wear-everywhere joggers that are as comfy as they are cute. She’ll pull them on for everything from OB appointments to cuddling on the couch with her newborn.

16. Silverettes

Silver bells, silver bells, it’s Christmastime for her titties 🤪We even know a group of five moms who all shared the same pair, so you know they work *super* well and are actually durable.

17. Basic Maternity Tees

The gift of basics that are anything but. New moms definitely need a couple of good shirts in their wardrobe to throw on without a second thought. Here’s the perfect pair.

18. luxe Cotton sheets

Every new mom knows the euphoric feeling when you get the baby to bed and you finally get to curl up in your own. Make that moment *extra* cozy for her with hotel-level-crisp sheets. 

19. Mama Denim Jacket

Her new, wear-constantly staple that shouts her new title from the rooftops. We love this jacket for layering over hoodies and sweats to give them a cool-girl look. Grab one for her mini too — can’t go wrong with some blue jean, baby.

20. Neck and Back Massager

Gift her a prenatal massage — everyday. Back pain in pregnancy is one of the most common symptoms. Add in that nursing and carrying the new baby adds tension and stiffness to your neck, shoulders and back, and this is the perfect thing to get a new mom.

21. Everyday Maternity jumpsuit

She’ll be obsessed with this pregnancy-friendly, nursing-ready, all-in-one ‘fit that simultaneously looks amazing with everything in her closet and is ready to be worn for any occasion. Can you say gifter of the year?

22. Oversized Cardigan

Mom ‘fits 101: a sweater is always a good idea. We love giving new moms a little extra coverage for when she wants to wrap up and not exactly be on display. We’ve been there and a cozy sweater makes all the difference.

23. "Everything Is Mama" Book

The perfect stocking stuffer? Everything is Mama, because that Mama is EVERYTHING. Sometimes a small gift for mom ends up being her favorite, and this will make her smile everytime she gets to read it to babe.

24. maternity mom jeans

The mom jean trend couldn’t have come at a better time for her ;) Keep your new mom lookin’ fresh in a pair of straight jeans that will give her maternity wardrobe serious style points.

25. mama bear mug

Help her start every day off right with a bear-y sweet reminder of her new favorite nickname. We would personally love to see this under the tree filled with new-mom goodies like local coffee shop gift cards and hand lotions!

26. Side zip nursing sweater

Every mom needs an arsenal of cozy clothes that are comfy enough to wear at home but nice enough to wear in public. This pullover is one of those pieces and will carry her through life.

27. Ice Roller

When she opens it, remember to gush about how amazing and relaxing it’ll feel on her face. None of that “because you look so tired!” nonsense. Nice words *only* for your new mom.

28. Maternity Unitard

This will 100% be her layering GO TO. Stretchy, buttery soft + matches everything = you’re getting the best gift award this year. You can thank us later.

29. Champagne bubble bath

Get that new mom some bubbly — in her bath. We’re all loving this luxe, scented bubble bath for some serious new-mom me time.

30. flare maternity leggings

Give her an extra pair of leggings with *flare* to add to her collection. Moms love leggings; it’s a rule.

wrap it up

So, there’s the list! Don’t forget to check it twice, because that new mom in your life was extra nice this year. Growing a human is no small task, and she deserves a thoughtful, love-filled holiday season for all the hard work she’s done. 

If you’re a new mom and love this list, don’t be shy! Drop the link in your family group chat or send it to your significant other right now. Chances are, they’ll be relieved to know exactly how they can spoil you the best.