best gifts for pregnant women

Awwww, you shouldn't have.

If someone you love is expecting a tiny new family member, you likely already hit up the onesie section and/or snagged something off her registry. But don't forget to pick up something just for Mom, too. If anyone deserves to be showered with gifts, it's her. Show her you care with a cute, comfy, and thoughtful gift she can use right now.

So what's the perfect gift to get your favorite expecting lady? This is where we come in hot with the best gifts for pregnant women. These options would be great to celebrate her first Mother's Day or if you wanted to get that gift you’ve been eyeing on her registry plus a little somethin' just for her.

Sit back, relax, and browse through this gift guide loaded with favs... starting with some MVPs to support her and her soon-to-be growing bump.

for the mom who just found out


Now that her little poppyseed is growing, it won’t be long before she has to retire all her fav denims and cutest work pants. But don’t let her say goodbye prematurely. Extend the wear of her pre-pregnancy pants by gifting our handy dandy Bellaband. Her body is going to feel so unfamiliar and new in no time; give her some extra time in her go-to outfits so things can feel a tad more normal.

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Mama jacket

Welcome to the club, we’ve got jackets. Give her a not-so-subtle way of telling everyone her good news with this goes-with-everything denim jacket. It’s ultra-comfy and we added just a touch of stretch so she’ll be layering this on the daily throughout her trimesters and beyond. Bonus points: you can surprise her with the Babe Jacket at the baby shower, so her little one can be her twin from the get go.

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the nest robe

No-brainer present? This robe. We gift it to anyone and everyone (yes, even Grandma) when birthdays or holidays roll around. The fit is customizable so you can rock it with or without a bump and the fabric is, in a word, dreamy. Sleeping while pregnant can be a serious struggle. Give your girl a running start with this cozy-yet-somehow-still-chic robe that can pull double-duty when she's up all night nursing.

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Once those first thirteen weeks are up, or whenever she chooses, your mama is going to be SO ready to share her tiny little secret with everyone. This means it’s time to start showering her with textual proof of the miracle she’s growing and the newest name she’s going to be touting. Mama sweatshirt, mama underthings, mama on errything.

For the shout-it-from-the-rooftops mom

mama sweatshirt

It’s never too soon to start reppin’ that new name. Give her a token of her new role that she can wear on the daily. A comfy crew neck never goes out of style, and thanks to its oversize fit, she can wear this cozy cutie all throughout pregnancy and way beyond. Grab one for babe, too!

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mama baseball cap

Speaking of the cutest presents, these family baseball caps are perfect for a pregnancy announcement, her first Mother's Day, and pretty much every single family outing after. If you're like us and can't resist a matching moment, grab one for babe and dad, too. Extra bonus: you'll save when you bundle. #twinning

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mama lounge set

She’d never dream about wearing a bra to bed pre-pregnancy, but times are a-changin’. This lounge-worthy fav gives her growing breasts the support they need for a restful night’s sleep. Pair with the Mama Boyshort for a gift set she may not even want to cover up — for the record, we’re totally in favor of lounging in just bras + undies while she’s cooking a little one.

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Whether it's Mother's Day, her birthday, or just an ordinary Wednesday, your girl deserves something nice. But not so nice that it will stay pristinely hanging in her closet bc it's "just too special." Gift her something gorgeous that she'll actually wear. We have a few ideas...

For the luxe-yet-practical mom

Tencel dress

Every woman, preg or not, needs a LBD in her life. This one is made of sustainable TENCEL fabric and is bump AND babe friendly (meaning she'll love rockin' it before, during, and after pregnancy). Versatility is kinda our thing, so if you're not into classic black dresses we have plenty of options. Give her the gift that keeps on giving.


workout set

We know, we know: activewear isn't technically considered "luxe." But you haven't tried ours yet :) From this exercise dress, to this soft rib legging, our fits are pre-and-post-friendly and our fabrics are, like, the best in the game. We love this matching set for a gifting moment if your girl is into working out (and even if she's not).


The nest dress

Ya know what's bougie? Wearing your jammies out and making it look cool. This is a house dress she'll want to wear outta the house — pair it with a denim jacket and no one will bat a lash. Crafted with the same ultra-luxe fabric as our Nest Robe, one reviewer said it's "quite literally the softest thing I've put on my body that isn't a blanket."

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Let’s face it, women are busy. Whether your life is all about work, full-time momming, or a hodgepodge of ever-changing tasks and schedules, using your body as a human oven is kind of a lot to add to any mama’s plate. Trust us, she deserves some self-care more than anyone else. 

for the mom in need of spa day

the oil

We *really* believe in the power of skincare during a time when a mama’s body is undergoing peak changes. This EWG VERIFIED™ belly oil is made with only the best botanicals to help her tackle dryness, tightness, and stretch mark prevention. Trust us on this one… her bump’s gonna love it

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to mama with love set

There's more than meets the eye for this lil’ bow-and-go set. Formulated with Pipette’s hero skincare ingredient squalane, this gift set of body wash, body lotion, and belly butter (plus an amazing exfoliating brush!), lets her *really* indulge in some me-time moments with plant-based, non-toxic ingredients. They also make a set for babe — such sweet and easy gifts for the whole fam! 

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Bloomin' Lovely set

Not sure what to get your fav mama-to-be? You can't go wrong with this set. The folks at Mama Mio pulled together their fab four vegan, plant-based favs (a $101 value!), and wrapped them all up in a tidy pink package. Just add a card and bow and you're good to go.

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Remember this equation: cute + personal = the best gifts for pregnant women. Even though Mom's lil’ plus one may mean some big changes for her, chances are she’s still the same person who enjoys the same things. So if she’s a fashionista mama, wellness junkie, or your favorite gal to movie marathon with, get her a gift that’s unique to her. The thoughtfulness is sure to melt her heart (and the pregnancy hormones help, too!).

When in doubt, look for grow-with-you fits she can wear for months and months (e.g., pregnancy and postpartum-friendly). As for skincare and wellness, you can’t go wrong with keeping things simple (think clean ingredients that are pregnancy-safe). Throw a bunch of items together in a cute ‘lil basket and you’ve got the gift of pampering she’ll surely appreciate.

Looking for gift ideas for a baby shower? Bookmark this page for all the gifts the mama in your life could need. You can also bundle one or two things with a few of our new mama favorites for the perfect “it’s a mom!” gift.