Belly Oil Benefits: Why You Need a Belly Oil For Pregnancy

Let’s chat bellies, shall we? It’s time to come to terms with the inevitable—you’re growing a tiny human and your body is growing along with it. Some of the most common concerns during pregnancy are, “Will I get stretch marks?” and “How do I know this product is safe to use during pregnancy?” We know the idea of stretch marks is scary but the idea of unintentionally exposing your baby to something harmful is even scarier. 

After 20 years in the maternity business, we’ve seen a lot of bellies. We’ve designed the original belly band to support bumps of all sizes, and we’ve also grown many babies of our own (even two at once for this writer!). Know that stretch marks often fade over time, but it helps if you can find a safe, nourishing way to take care of your skin while your body’s undergoing such drastic changes.

Can I prevent stretch marks?

The truth is up to 90 percent of pregnant women develop stretch marks—aka tiny tears in the dermis as your skin’s being pulled superrr tight. Whether or not you get them has a lot to do with the elasticity of your skin and genetics (so you have mom to thank for the reminder of your bod’s incredible work).

We haven’t found a product claiming to “treat” stretch marks that actually worked, but we believe you can do certain things to help prevent them—like staying hydrated, eating right, and incorporating a good belly oil into your routine early on. Belly oils help nourish skin at any stage of pregnancy and can be used all over the body (FYI: many women get stretch marks on their breasts and hips, too).

which belly oil should I use?

Great question! We 10/10 recommend The Oil. Just a few daily drops feed skin all the nutrients it’s craving while delivering intense hydration to help naturally prevent stretch marks as your belly grows.

After over two years of research and working with the best natural ingredient experts, we formulated The Oil with just seven key botanicals to help restore skin’s moisture, elasticity, and overall comfort. To us, ingredient selection is everything and each one is proven to be clean, effective, and toxicity-free. 

Want some proof that our belly oil is the safest around? We get it. You’re skeptical of what you put onto your body. With such a tiny person reliant on you for everything, you’re justified in being super careful. That’s why we went the extra mile to prove to you that we care with three simple words: “We’re EWG VERIFIED™.” Need a little more context? Here’s why it matters.

what does EWG VERIFIED™ mean?

The Environmental Working Group is all about chemical safety. They think it’s pretty ridiculous that the United States Congress hasn’t added any new regulations for the cosmetics industry in eighty (!!) years—and we do, too. We’re super thankful they took it upon themselves to become the trustworthy resource for parents and consumers when it comes to hunting down products that are actually good. 

If you’re on the clean-mom side of social media, you probably already know there are tons of cosmetics and household products out there containing harmful ingredients connected to cancer, fertility issues, and birth defects. How do you avoid them? Do you learn all the super long names and memorize your off-limits chemical lists before every grocery run? Enter the EWG stamp of approval. 

The Environmental Working Group wanted to make it easier for us regular folks to find clean products we can trust, so they started doing the hard work for us. When you see their green check mark on a product, it means it doesn’t contain any of the EWG’s Ingredients of Concern (which is their strict list of bad stuff based off of decades of scientific research). It also verifies that the product provides full transparency in its packaging and labeling (did you know products don’t always list their fragrances as ingredients?!) and that it’s made using only the safest manufacturing processes. 

We went out of our way to get The Oil EWG VERIFIED™ because their goals align so closely with our mission to help moms get through pregnancy in the safest, healthiest, and most comfortable way possible. We’re transparent in every step of what we make for mamas and getting this little green mark proves it. So, now that you know we avoid icky ingredients like parabens, formaldehyde, triclosan, and phthalates at all costs—what is actually in this magic little bottle?

what ingredients are in the oil?

When we first started developing our own belly oil, we knew we wanted it clean, simple, and packed with nothing but the best for you and babe. We finally landed on seven plant-based ingredients to bring out the best in tight, stretching skin: apricot kernel oil, marshmallow root, calendula flower, rosehips, lavender flower, chamomile flower, and rose absolute. Each was carefully chosen to help boost collagen production and deliver heavyweight hydration with a featherlight feel and no harmful or unnecessary extras.

how do I use it?

You and babe are growing quickly (just ask that week-by-week pregnancy tracker), and there comes a point when your skin is looking for a lifeline. Well, this is it! The Oil can be used right from the first trimester, and it isn’t just for your bump too—you can use it on your breasts, thighs, butt, hips, and really anywhere you’re expecting rapid growth or in need of extra hydration. 

 Just like you, The Oil’s an incredible multitasker. We like to keep a bottle on our nightstand to fully douse ourselves before hittin’ the hay, especially after a shower while your skin is a little damp so the formula really sinks in. Or, sometimes we add a few drops in our bath (two birds, one stone!). 

 You can use the formula from head to toe, or as a targeted treatment for dry patches if needed. It’s really up to you. Over time, you’ll learn that multi-use products are a mom’s best friend, and finding a super safe belly oil that does more than you need it to? Now THAT’S a win. 

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