Fun fact: women used to wear corsets during the majority of their pregnancy. Thankfully, things have gotten a lottt more flexible since the 1800s, and that includes the function of a belly band. Today it's all about comfort and support. A band can also help you rock your pre-pregnancy wardrobe without worry. It's all about options, ladies—and we have plenty to tell ya about.

First thing's first: what's a belly band?

Pregnancy belly bands are typically made of flexible fabric that provides gentle compression and support to the hips and lower back while also serving as a fashion hack to keep wearing your pre-pregnancy pants. Belly bands can be worn during pregnancy to help with pain, daily activities, and more. If you’re an active mama, this will help you workout more comfortably as well! You wouldn’t go for a run without a sports bra, right? They can also be worn after pregnancy to help everything, ya know, go back where it should. 

Soooo not to toot our own horn, but we actually created the first-ever belly band on the market! It all started in 2001, when our founder, Ingrid, was running late to a meeting. She was pregnant, her belly had just popped, and none of her pants fit. In a flash that was part inspiration and part desperation, she grabbed a tube top and pulled it over her unbuttoned pants. Not only did it keep them up, it also smoothed out the lines under her shirt. The Bellaband® was born! Twenty years later, this go-to staple continues to be loved by thousands of mamas. 

But enough about us—this is about you! Why do you need a pregnancy belly band, you ask? The list would be shorter if you asked why you don’t need one. No matter what stage of pregnancy you’re in, a belly band will become your new BFF. It hugs your body for comfort, compression, and confidence. There are a few different options for your specific needs we’d like to tell ya about! Our OG Bellaband is perfect for expecting mamas at any stage, but there’s also The Pregnancy Support Belt and the Afterband®. 

How do i choose a belly band?

When choosing a belly band, there are a few different factors to consider. Most importantly, what stage of pregnancy you’re in! This will determine what level of support you need, and ultimately what your goals are. Whether you’re looking to combat discomfort, help your pre-pregnancy pants adjust, or support your postpartum recovery—there's a band or belt for you.

the original belly band

The Bellaband is our holy grail maternity band designed to let you wear your pre-bump pants longer, then allow for a seamless postpartum transition. It’s everything you’d want and need in a pregnancy band. The ultra-soft, seamless knit is suuuper stretchy but always recovers to its original shape after wearing! Plus it has extra length for complete belly coverage. The stay-put silicone strip along the bottom anchors the band seamlessly to your pants, so you don’t have to worry about it rolling up as you move throughout the day.

The ​​Bellaband is the most versatile for all stages of pregnancy. When you’re newly pregnant, this can be one of the most awkward stages, before the belly has popped and most people don't even know you’re pregnant. Bring on the blousy tops and wear the Bellaband over unbuttoned or unzipped pre-pregnancy jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, and more. Once you’re showing, it’s time to transition from regular clothes to maternity clothes (or borrow some from a friend!). If they’re a little too big for your current belly size, just pop on the Bellaband to hold them up. While you continue to grow, the Bellaband grows with you. 

As your belly size peaks, the Bellaband works as a layering piece under shorter tops for added coverage and as extra support over ill-fitting maternity bottoms. The final stretch (literally) can be so uncomfortable. But you are almost there! Use the Bellaband for added support and an extra layer of coverage, as the tops you’ve been living in get even shorter to accommodate your ever-growing bump.

unparalleled support
pregnancy support belt

Next up we have The Pregnancy Support Belt which is a belly support band made out of double layer polyester and just the right amount of spandex so it won’t stretch out. It effortlessly molds to your body and cradles your bump. The fabric is layered and bonded together for extra durability, offering unparalleled support. It also has a unique-yet-simple velcro closure that fastens in the back for ultimate discretion and won’t show through even the most form fitting clothes! It’s also water and oil resistant—so no need to worry about any belly oils rubbing off. 

gentle compression

Last up, the Afterband is designed specifically for your postpartum recovery. This mama-made shapewear features a multi-layer design that smooths and shapes beneath your clothing. As your postpartum journey progresses, the band will loosen while your body changes into its new normal. It offers gentle compression to help engage your core muscles and a stay-put silicone strip to prevent uncomfortable slipping and sliding as you feed, play, and cuddle your babe. Have extra sensitive skin? Layer it over a cami and get the same amazing benefits.

In conclusion, your bump is expanding, contracting, and going through a lot! No matter what stage you are in your journey, we are here for all your belly band needs. Whether your belly is showing and growing, or you’re on the road to recovery postpartum, we have a belly band for you. These closet staples provide comfort, compression, but most importantly—confidence. You did the hard part, now let us make the rest easy for you. 

If you’re still thinking “which pregnancy belly band is right for me?,” you really can’t go wrong with any of our faves mentioned above, especially our ride-or-die Bellaband (totally not biased). Made by mamas, for mamas ❤️