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We made silky soft, non-toxic, comfy gel packs for new moms that will make you jump for joy (Metaphorically! Stay in bed, moms!!). They’re pretty much perfect in every way, from their ability to provide quick and effective relief from postpartum pain to their eco-friendly design that’s reusable, vegan and free from bad chemicals. 

Babies all make it into this world one way or another, and whether your birth is vaginal or cesarean, your body will need some TLC postpartum to help in the healing process. However, it’s actually *really* hard to zero in on your own needs when you’re suddenly responsible for the tiniest, loveliest, neediest human you’ve ever met. We get it. We’ve been there. 

Many women underestimate the postpartum phase. After giving birth, you’re no longer pregnant (which tbh is really nice after 9ish months!) but you’re also not immediately back to the person you were. You deal with a whole new mix of symptoms, pain, and hormonal changes that all add up to completely new physical and emotional challenges of motherhood.

This isn’t a time to grin and bear it, moms. When your skin is literally ripped or cut open, it’s going to hurt. That’s natural and it’s important for your mental health that you do what you can to relieve your body from the stress of feeling that pain for your best possible recovery.

“Those with severe and acute postpartum pain are 3x more likely to have depression than those with mild postpartum pain.”

-2008 study of 1,228 postpartum moms

Temperature therapy is a common way to help ease postpartum pain. In the past, moms have used ice packs (uncomfortable), DIY padsicles (take so much time!) and lots of different kinds of disposable, instant-ice pads (costly and wasteful). We think new moms deserve the best of the best; so, *drumroll* here’s Cool Mom

Cool Mom takes into account every piece of the postpartum mom puzzle to create a new solution that’s everything you want and more. Traditional ice packs are uncomfortable and bulky, not to mention that most new moms are already wearing a gigantic pad for all the bleeding, you don’t want more bulk. Cool Mom packs are crafted with a unique gel formula that’s non-toxic, remaining comfortable and pliable - even when frozen.

Traditional crack-and-freeze ice packs are expensive to keep buying and wasteful in that they’re single use. Cool Mom is reusable, meaning you only have to buy it once, and won’t contribute to landfills.