Best gifts for new moms

The most thoughtful gift award goes to...

Motherhood is such a journey, and new moms seriously deserve it all. You don’t know what you don’t know, and no matter how many books you read, it’s impossible to be prepared for what happens after babe arrives. From navigating all the changes that come with bringing a new life into the world (hey, team no sleep) to trying to create a new routine when routines feel impossible, those first few months can be SO hectic.

If there’s a new mom in your life and you want to treat her to something special but aren’t quite sure what to even get a person whose entire life (for the time being at least) now revolves around another tinier human, you’re not alone. Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, but we’ve got ya covered.

for the mom who deserves it all

the nest dress

Like being wrapped in a robe all day. Whether she’s lounging on the couch with babe or hitting up the grocery store, she’ll feel good and look even better. Major bonus points for a V-neck that makes nursing anywhere easy.

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Nursing is magical, but it can do a number on your nipples. These reusable nursing cups are made of real silver and hand-crafted in Italy (bougie, we know). Plus they’ve got all the things she’s looking out for (we’re talking antifungal, antibacterial, AND anti-inflammatory). All she has to do is slip them on between feedings.

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mama jacket

Welcome her to the new mom club with our iconic Mama Jacket. Featuring comfy denim with a hint of stretch, it's a go-with-anything staple that makes for the sweetest matching moment (just ask our mamas on IG). Grab one for her babe, too!

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New moms are dealing with a lot, but new-new moms (as in, you’re planning your hospital gift bag for her) are going through so much physically and emotionally. In addition to all the amazing newborn snuggles, she’s just trying to get through the day with her body still recovering and operating on little-to-no sleep. Trust us, she’ll thank you for getting her any of these gifts to help with the new changes.

for the mom who just welcomed babe

nursing starter set

Prep her for new mamahood with this set of three nursing/pumping essentials. Serious functionality makes it easy to nurse on the fly, with comfy support in between feedings. Plus the gift of less laundry to do is truly priceless — shop more bundles here.

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Postpartum Legging

Know a mom who's hard to shop for? You can't go wrong with a great pair of leggings. These help her ease into postpartum with just the right amount of compression for everything from feeding babe to attempting a 10-min flow. Plus there's an extra-low seam that won't rub against her C-section incision. We really thought of everything.

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compression tank

This tank is a total. game. changer. We're all about the double-layer ribbed compression for her core and inner shelf bra to keep the girls supported. Plus with pull aside nursing and our fav cooling fabric, it'll keep her dry, fresh, and comfy for all those newborn snuggles.

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As she transforms into the mom of this new bundle of joy, chances are she’s going to be doing some major mama-baby bonding in the form of newborn cuddles and day after day on the couch. Give her an extra cozy hug with nursing-approved loungewear.

For the lounge-lovin' mom

nursing sweatshirt

For loungin' at home or nursing on the go, this sweatshirt gets our vote. With hidden pockets (!!!) and a yoga wrap design, all she has to do is lift up the top layer for discreet feeding. Bonus: the supersoft fabric is made from recycled water bottles. Go ahead, give mama the gift of cozy.

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mama lounge set

Let’s be honest, nothing makes you feel more put together than matching separates — even if they’re underlayers. Your girl needs this lightweight lounge bra + boyshort combo featuring a modal fabric that's 2x softer than cotton. So comfy, she can sleep in it (and rep her new mom status while she's at it!).

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the nest robe

With all those sleepless nights, she deserves to be pampered. A robe is JUST the thing. This one is perfect for breastfeeding (talk about easy access for babe!), and looks great by itself or with our comfy PJs (*hint hint*). Chances are she’ll never want to take it off, and who could blame her?

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The transition to motherhood is a big one and new moms honestly don’t get enough credit. However you spin it, bringing a babe into the world is a pretty life-altering experience packed with surprises around every corner. Take the guesswork out of choosing the best gift for your new mama (or wondering if she’ll *actually* like whatever you’re getting her). Whether she’s JUST made it home from the hospital or celebrating her first Mother's Day, she's guaranteed to love one of these thoughtful gifts.

Want to make your gift a little extra special? Consider adding a hand-written note to show her you’re here for her as she navigates this new chapter. Or, bundle one or two with a few expecting mama favs and create a ‘lil gift basket for a pregnant friend. Nothing says “you’ve got this” more.