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Motherhood is such a journey, and new moms seriously deserve it all. You don’t know what you don’t know, and no matter how many books you read, it’s impossible to be prepared for what happens after babe arrives. From navigating all the changes that come with bringing a new life into the world (hey, team no sleep) to trying to create a new routine when routines feel impossible, those first few months can be SO hectic.

If there’s a new mom in your life and you want to treat her to something special but aren’t quite sure what to even get a person whose entire life (for the time being at least) now revolves around another tinier human, you’re not alone. Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, but we’ve got ya covered.

A super cute nursing lounge set she can wear from couch to grocery store? Postpartum wellness that’ll help her start to feel human again? These are just a few things on our list of the best gifts for new moms.

for the mom who deserves it all

nest dress

Two words: cozy AND functional. Enter The Nest Dress: a wear-anywhere dream that’s so comfy, it’s like being wrapped in a robe all day. Whether she’s lounging on the couch with babe or hitting up the grocery store, she’ll feel good and look even better. Major bonus points for a V-neck that makes nursing anywhere easy.

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Sure, nursing is magical… but it can do a number on your nipples. There’s good news, though: relief is possible. These reusable nursing cups are made of real silver and hand-crafted in Italy (bougie, we know). Plus they’ve got all the things she’s looking out for (we’re talking antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, AND anti-inflammatory). All she has to do is slip them on between feedings for complete feel-good relief.

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multi use cover

What’s a nursing cover, an infinity scarf, a car seat cover, and a high chair cover all in one?? This multi-use cover from Copper Pearl. We’re obsessed, and we know she’ll be too. When the fabric is this good (soft, dreamy, and beyond durable), you know it’s something she’ll keep for years and years. If you’re looking for a dream gift, this is a must.

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New moms are dealing with a lot, but new-new moms (as in, you’re planning your hospital gift bag for her) are going through so much physically and emotionally. In addition to all the amazing newborn snuggles, she’s just trying to get through the day with her body still recovering and operating on little-to-no sleep. Trust us, she’ll thank you for getting her any of these gifts to help with the new changes.

for the mom who just welcomed babe


This belly band is a total. game. changer. It’s all about comfortable support for her core and features a multi-layer design that smooths and shapes beneath her clothing and loosens as her body adjusts to its new normal. No slipping and sliding here, this band has great compression and stays put through it alllll (from feeding to playing to cuddling) to give her the support she truly needs.

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sleepy lotion

The gift of a good night's sleep? Priceless. Enter the #1 bedtime lotion made specially for moms. It utilizes a blend of just six organic ingredients, including pure magnesium, to help naturally calm your body and mind for a restful night’s sleep. Made in small batches in the USA, it’s trusted by thousands of moms, pregnancy-safe, and even safe for babe. Go ahead, and give her what she really wants...

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bodyguard set

With the myriad of new-mom worries, take “leaking through my shirt” out of the equation. Gift that mama the dream bra with absorbent built-in pads, one-hand nursing clips and a supersoft support band (bc her body needs all the soft touches these days). Did we mention there’s a matching absorbent undie with up to 12 hours of leak protection? She’ll love the practicality + french-girl coolness of the Cache Coeur brand.

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Motherhood is not for the faint of heart and neither is breastfeeding. If this is the route your girl is taking, she needs a ‘lil extra TLC for her milk-makers more than anyone.

for the breastfeeding mom

the balm

Just ask any mama: pregnancy and postpartum takes skin through it all. From irritation and dryness to cracked nipples, the struggle is real. Our truly natural solution is made with only five 100% organic, plant-based ingredients you can trust to be completely safe for mama and babe (no need to wash off before nursing!). Relief is on the way real quick, all she has to do is slather it on anywhere she needs a little extra nourishment. Pro tip: it also makes a great lip balm and cuticle treatment!

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crossover bra

Out of all of the things a new mom could use postpartum, a nursing bra is one of those can’t-live-without items. It’s like a water bottle by her bedside: essential. This one’s not only cute and comfy with adjustable straps, soft pull-aside cups, and a stretchy underband, but it’s also made with breathable cooling fabric. This means she’ll stay cool AND dry thanks to built-in cooling materials, active wicking, and rapid drying. Sound like a dream? It is.

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lactation massager

Breastfeeding is totally a learn-as-you-go process. A lot of unexpected challenges can pop up, from clogged ducts to issues with milk flow, all things she might not have anticipated. Thankfully, this lactation-consultant-created massager can be a major help. Rechargable, shower-safe, and made from medical-grade silicone, this massager helps with all the uncomfy side effects of nursing. For massage + heat (aka easier letdowns), try gifting La Vie’s warming pads.

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As she transforms into the mom of this new bundle of joy, chances are she’s going to be doing some major mama-baby bonding in the form of newborn cuddles and day after day on the couch. Give her an extra cozy hug in the form of nursing-approved, C-section recovery friendly loungewear.

For the lounge-lovin' mom

matching sleepwear

Let’s be honest, nothing makes you feel more put together than matching separates — even if they’re pajamas. Ya girl needs this lightweight tank + short combo with nursing friendly snaps and comfier than comfy ribbed modal fabric (psst it's not only sustainable, it's 2x softer than cotton). Sweet dreams are made of this fabric. We love it so much, we made a full sleepwear line out of it.

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relaxed lounge set

Supersoft modal? Flattering fit? Check and check. Give her sweats a break with this nursing cami + matching lounge pants made with our favorite sustainable modal (can ya tell we love it for loungin?). Sleep in it, wear it to movie night on the couch, or layer it with a cardi for a day spent running errands… you really can’t go wrong. And with a shirred waistband, built-in cups, and easy clips for nursing, we thought of everything. Go ahead, give mama the gift of cozy.

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nest robe

With all those sleepless nights, she deserves to be pampered, and a robe is JUST the thing. This one is perfect for breastfeeding (talk about easy access for babe!), and looks great by itself, or with our comfy PJs or Relaxed Lounge Set (*hint hint*). Chances are she’ll never want to take it off, and who could blame her? We’d like to feel like we’re at the spa all day, too.

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the takeaway

The transition to motherhood is a big one and new moms honestly don’t get enough credit. However you spin it, bringing a babe into the world is a pretty life-altering experience packed with surprises around every corner. Take the guesswork out of choosing the best gift for your new mama (or wondering if she’ll *actually* like whatever you’re getting her). Whether she’s JUST made it home from the hospital, or celebrating her first Christmas with babe, she's guaranteed to love one of these thoughtful presents.

Want to make your gift a little extra special? Consider adding a hand-written note to show her you’re here for her as she navigates this new chapter. Or, bundle one or two with a few expecting mama favs and create a ‘lil gift basket for a pregnant friend. Nothing says “you’ve got this” more. 

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