How Your Clothes Can Help You Chill

How Your Clothes Can Help You Chill

Whether you’re pregnant or just had a baby, you’re probably feeling the heat. By that, we mean your body temp—and you can thank your hormones. 

For pregnant women, add in the fact that you’re lugging around another human 24/7, and you’re going to feel like you want to sit in an ice bath all day!

Since that’s probably not going to happen, it’s time to cue the body cooling clothing...yep, it’s a thing.

These products are game changers and can make any expecting or postpartum mom feel like a new lady. Ours are made with brrr° technology, integrated right into the seamless fabric. It’s one of the coolest things around (no pun intended).

What is Cooling Tech?

brrr° technology brings in three heavy hitters when it comes to body cooling clothing that really makes a difference for pregnant and postpartum women. They call it the Triple Chill Effect. 

Cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying come together to continuously bring down your body temp—this means not having to worry about boob sweat or embarrassing pit stains.

brrr° has been scientifically tested and verified to actively reduce body temperature by several agencies around the world. Since it’s built into the fabric, it can’t get washed away no matter how many times you throw it in the laundry. 

Feel the Chill 

We know how important it is for pregnant and new moms to keep their cool. When the hormones take over, or you’re breastfeeding and start to overheat, you can get headaches and may even feel dizzy. 

This is why we love cooling technology to help moms get their chill the most important places.

For Boob Sweat

When you nurse and have your baby close, your body temp is going to rise but there’s no reason to sweat it. This bra helps you stay cool during skin-to-skin and is also a great 24/7 staple to help you beat boob sweat all summer. 

We’ve also created a nursing bra for women who pump. With dropdown cups and pump openings, just attach your flanges and cool off while you get those ounces. Mind blown? We thought so.


For Down There

No one wants to admit it, but things down below can get a little dicey when your body temp starts cranking up. This pregnant and postpartum-friendly pair has cooling minerals built right into the fabric so you feel the effects right away. It also has active wicking so moisture can stay away from your lady parts.

For Hot Flashes

This tank is a game changer because it gives your pregnant or postpartum body the support it needs while staying cool and dry. We love it as a cooling underlayer to tame those hot flashes while absorbing moisture throughout the day. 
Keeping your cool while pregnant or getting used to the new mom thing is easier said than done, but when you choose clothing that works for you and helps you beat those rising temps, we call that a mom win. You deserve all the relief you can get!