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Labor Prep Tea

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There's no way around it, labor's a doozy. This lovable elixir is formulated with herbs and nutrients—like rosehips and chamomile—that help tone the uterus and soften the cervix to get your body prepped for giving birth. This tea is pregnancy-safe and caffeine-free, and can help nourish you through recovery as well. Includes 15 sachets. 

Proprietary Blend: rosehips, oatstraw, stinging nettle, red raspberry, and chamomile.

Pour 8 oz of water, steep for 5 minutes, and enjoy 1-3 cups a day. One sachet makes 2 cups.

Supplements for pregnancy, postpartum, and nursing to help you feel your absolute best from the inside out. Founded by mama of five Amy Suzanne, this brand was created to support women on their journeys into motherhood. We’ll raise a glass (of tea) to that!

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