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The Balm

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You’ll want to keep this nourishing nipple balm on hand at your 24/7 nursing station. The 100% organic, plant-powered formula helps soften and soothe chapped nips, lips, and more. We love that it’s lanolin-free, with just 5 babe-safe ingredients. It can be used anywhere and everywhere you’re in need of extra nourishment.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil*: Moisturizes dry skin and soothes cracked nipples
  • Marshmallow Root* + Calendula Flower*: Soften skin and help calm irritation
  • Shea Nut Butter* + Beeswax*: Nature’s emollients that help hydrate and calm uncomfortably irritated skin

*Responsibly sourced, certified organic

Free of lanolin, parabens, phthalates, gluten, soy, dyes, petroleum, and synthetic fillers

Apply onto nipples as needed to nourish and calm cracked and irritated dry skin. Safe for you and babe—no need to wash off before nursing! Can also be used as a pump lubricant.

Pregnancy and postpartum skin deserves its own multi-step routine. Your body is experiencing so many changes...tightness, sensitive nips, a crazy sense of smell...plus you’re absorbing everything you put on your body, which means babe is too! After years searching for the best pregnancy/postpartum skincare, we found countless “natural” claims but labels loaded with harsh ingredients we’d never recommend to moms. I+I’s first skincare line offers a cleaner, safer, kinder way to care for your skin throughout motherhood and beyond.

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