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Nipple Shield

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Some days motherhood is lovely; filled with hugs, sweet snuggles, and everything you’ve ever dreamt of. And other days, you find yourself online shopping for nipple shields. Trust us, though, these little guys are lifesavers made to alleviate latching issues and provide gentle protection for sore nipples. The reusable shields’ unique shape allows for maximum skin contact while the SkinSoft™ silicone is natural-feeling enough to feel like, well, you don’t have a piece of silicone on your boob.

Available in two sizes:
  • -Size 1: 17mm (small)
  • -Size 2: 23mm (regular)
    • Made of soft, thin silicone for maximum skin contact
    • BPA and BPS free
    • Wash your hands!
    • Invert the wings.
    • Place on nipple and smooth out wings.
    • Check that the shield fits the nipple and is firmly attached before breastfeeding.
    • Before first use, contact a midwife or health consultant.
    MAM believes that only the best is good enough for your baby. That’s why they invest in the finer details by putting top-notch research, care, and attention into all of their products to combine function, design, and high product-safety standards. Thanks to their dedication to manufacturer transparency, sustainable practices, and product design with advice from real medical experts, MAM’s products are proven to be helpful and safe for your little one, so moms can breathe a big sigh of relief.