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Herbal Sitz Bath

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Speed up perineum healing and reduce swelling with these organic postpartum herbs that can be brewed to use in a sitz bath, peri bottle, bathtub, or padsicle. 

Organic Witch Hazel Leaf, Epsom Salt, Organic Calendula Flower, Organic Yarrow Flower, Organic Lavender.

Use 1-2 handfuls of herbs and cover with boiling water. Brew for 20 minutes. Strain and add liquid to a shallow bath, peri bottle, or postpartum pads to make ‘padsicles’.

Designer-turned-mom Jodi Day couldn’t find the wellness products she was looking for so she created a line of her own. With Mother Mother, you get all the essentials for the complex care of mothers with clean ingredients and eco-conscious packaging—all at an accessible price point.

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