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How to Wear the Bellaband® – Maternity Band for Pants
Trust us, you'll need it

It's a universal moment.

One morning, suddenly, your belly

pops and you can't button your pants.

This moment inspired an invention.

The Bellaband, holding up

pants since 2001.

How to wear the Bellaband
Watch how simple it is to wear the Bellaband from the moment your belly pops to after baby arrives.
How to Wear the Bellaband
It works at every stage
  • bellaband
    Just Pregnant

    Wear folded over to hold up

    unbuttoned pre-pregnancy jeans,

    pants, skirts, shorts… any bottoms.

  • bellaband
    Really Pregnant

    Wear full panel or folded over to

    hold up maternity pants that are

    slipping or falling down.

  • bellaband
    With Baby

    Wear with too-loose maternity

    pants or too-tight pre-pregnancy

    jeans to ease the transition.

A premium maternity band to hold up pants through all stages of pregnancy.
    • Performance
      Maximum support
    • Technology
      Seamless 360° stretch
    • Fabric
      Thick luxurious knit, soft and plush
    • Stability
      Silicone strip holds band firmly in place
    • Coverage
      Complete belly
    • Sizing
      Four sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4
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