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A Letter From Our Founder

I am devastated and angered by the death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the countless Black lives lost before them. I stand on the side of Black lives. I stand with justice. I stand wholeheartedly against racism and racist violence. And, I stand with the Black mothers and fathers who must raise their children to demand equality, humanity and dignity without risking their lives, especially when they are our fundamental, human rights.

I personally started examining my own race and appreciated #Blackouttuesday to think about my experience as a Mexican-American female and here’s what I’ve learned: My hardships don’t compare by any degree whatsoever to that of a Black person, let alone those of Black women in America.

I’m taking active steps to examine my own race and the privileges I hold and recognize that as the Founder & CEO of Ingrid & Isabel, I have a platform from which to speak and that silence and inaction would make me complicit.

The violence that is both structural and individual perpetrated against members of the Black community is not only a Black issue. It’s an issue for ALL of us to address. I call upon members of the Ingrid & Isabel community to join me in reflection and action. The time is long overdue for us to examine the true causes of Black discrimination and violence against the Black community and the ways in which we are complicit in these injustices. While we know that an examination will take time, brands like Ingrid & Isabel and families like ours can look from within and begin to act.

Supporting women and mothers is not enough. It’s far from enough. Ingrid & Isabel commits to taking steps beyond visual diversity and advocacy, beyond pregnancy and motherhood, and beyond marching and demonstrating. We will educate ourselves on race, white privilege and the deep-seated inequities Black individuals face. I’m inviting you to listen and join us on this journey. Here’s how we can start:

DONATE – We will donate to Black-led organizations that fight for the equality of Black lives.
ACTIVATE – Further, we will match donations up to $10,000 that meet the needs of Black lives.
SOURCE – We will provide resources to help Black parents, and tools for all parents to unlearn inherent bias.
INSTRUCT – We will implement a Diversity Equity & Inclusion program to address inherent bias and build compassion for all moms.
DIVERSIFY - We will build a team that represents the minds, bodies and souls of American races and actively address the culture of our organization to make this an inclusive workplace.
DECLARE - We will declare Voting Day as Paid-Time-Off for our employees so we are not a barrier in exercising the right to vote.

On behalf of the team at Ingrid & Isabel, we want to thank you for giving us the time to listen, learn, reflect, and thoughtfully develop the programs Ingrid & Isabel will initiate to support Black lives. And finally, thank you to our Black community for raising your voices yet again. We hear you. We love you, we will support you and act with you.

From the heart,
Ingrid Carney
(& Isabel, age 18)

Take Action

Donate at the links below to support the movement:

Black Mamas Matter Alliance
NAACP Legal Defense Fund
Black Visions Collective

Matching Donations

Please submit your donation receipt(s) HERE. Ingrid & Isabel will match up to $10,000 in donations.