Ingrid & Isabel
Hey Mama,

We see you. We feel you.
And we want you to know that you are not alone in this journey of Motherhood.

To support you through this wild transition in life, we created a fresh new community-based video series that chronicles all aspects of Motherness.

Introducing #AMotherIs. Expect unfiltered one-on-ones with 6 pregnant mamas, as they navigate the fun, the sad, and the sometimes messy reality of being a mother.

Boston, MA
3 months pregnant 5'7"
You have to stand your ground and believe in the choices you're making.
Los Angeles, CA
8 months pregnant 5'1"
For a long time I tried to hold off on pregnancy, because I was afraid of it.
Killeen, TX
3 months pregnant 5'3"
To be a mother is such a high-level position...but I’m ready for the challenge.
Richmond, CA
8 months pregnant 5'7"
This journey wasn’t what I was expecting, but I’m focused on having a healthy pregnancy.
San Diego, CA
3 months pregnant 5'11"
You want to give them so much
but so much is out of our control.
Oakland, CA
8 months pregnant 5'7"
You want them to be able to be who it is they want to be.