About Us

The Birth of an Idea

It all started in 2001, when our founder, Ingrid, was running late to a meeting. She was pregnant, her belly had just popped, and none of her pants fit.

In a flash that was part inspiration and part desperation, Ingrid grabbed a tube top and pulled it over her unbuttoned pants. Not only did it keep them up, it also smoothed out the lines under her shirt. The Bellaband® was born!

She spent three years perfecting the prototype before it hit the shelves, becoming the first pregnancy belly band on the market. Today, that single invention has grown into a national company offering a full-range of maternity essentials sold in specialty stores across the country, as well as major retailers like Nordstrom, Amazon, Bloomingdale’s, Gap and more. In 2017, we launched our sister line, Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel, which is available at more than 1,800 Target stores nationwide.

Because Mamas Know Best

Each piece we design is inspired by the thousands of mamas we have met over the years. We call it “mom-spiration.” We talk to these women about what they need. Because no one understands the peaks and valleys of pregnancy better than someone who is going through the journey themselves.

Change can be scary. But we want to help you celebrate every pregnant pause and new pair of stretchy pants. Because growing a tiny human is no small feat. It is the stuff of superheroes. Let us be your cape.

Pregnancy, by Design

From belly to baby, we’ve got your back. We try everything we make on actual pregnant women, tailoring our fits to real bodies of all sizes at every stage of pregnancy and postpartum. We source the highest-quality fabrics with the softest feel and stretch. And we only work with WRAP-certified factories, ensuring humane and ethical conditions during production.

That’s our promise to you. Because pregnancy and all that follows can be complicated. What you wear shouldn’t be.