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Trimester 2 Maternity Clothes — Second Trimester Styles


Most mamas start to show in their second trimester (even though we are all have unique figures and pop at different times). Get bump proud with our stylish and comfy Trimester 2 collection at Ingrid & Isabel. We offer a curated selection of maternity clothes that keep you comfortable throughout your entire pregnancy and postpartum journey. Whether you need to look professional in the office, run errands around town or find maternity workout clothes that fit just right, we’ve got you covered with ultra-comfortable designs.

For Trimester 2 and Beyond

One of the best things about our second trimester maternity clothes is that they’re designed to fit your bump through postpartum. We’ve chosen versatile fabrics that will stretch to fit your belly as it continues to grow. In fact, many of these styles can be worn through every stage of your pregnancy journey, including the third trimester and postpartum months. These styles are made to adjust to your bump, so you don’t need to constantly update your wardrobe as you progress through your pregnancy. Instead, you can stock up on a few maternity clothing essentials and enjoy wearing them in the months ahead.

From cute maternity jeans with our built-in Crossover Panel® to feminine dresses and tops, you’ll find a wide range of styles to help show off your pregnancy glow when you shop on our website.