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Organic Sleepy Lotion

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Fun fact: 78% of pregnant women suffer from insomnia. Between back/hip pain, leg cramps, and unnatural sleep positions, the odds of getting a good eight hours aren’t exactly in your favor. Enter your new dream cream: the #1 bedtime lotion made specially for moms. It utilizes a blend of just six organic ingredients, including pure magnesium, to help naturally calm your body and mind for a restful night’s sleep. Made in small batches in the USA, it’s trusted by thousands of moms, and even safe for babe!

Made of 6 all-natural ingredients: organic mango butter, organic coconut oil, magnesium chloride, organic beeswax (cruelty free), organic plant-based essential oils, and distilled water.

Apply a small amount to the body before bedtime (pro tip: we love it after a warm shower) to help ease aches and pains and enjoy a night of restorative sleep.

Safe for pregnant/nursing moms and even babies 3 months and up!

The organic skincare brand behind the best-selling sleepy lotion for pregnancy! Handcrafted by an expecting mama struggling with insomnia, what started as her own natural sleep aid turned into a full blown wellness brand serving tired moms everywhere. All of their products are handmade daily right here in the US with only 100% pure and organic ingredients.

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