Trimester 1 Clothes – 1st Trimester Maternity Clothing

Congrats, Mama! And welcome to your pregnancy. You are probably trying to figure out when and what maternity clothing you need to buy for each trimester. More specifically, you’re likely trying to decide what your immediate needs are for Trimester 1. We’re here to help you feel confident and comfortable as your body makes those small yet significant changes in the coming months. And the truth is, for the first trimester, we encourage you first to canvas your closet for things that could still fit. Borrow from friends and start collecting those hand-me-downs. Unless you are a power-planner and already shopping for your shower dress, the only essential item you truly need during your first Trimester is the Bellaband®.

Unlike maternity leggings with a built-in panel, the Bellaband® fits over your pre-pregnancy pants so you can wear them longer. Just slip the band over your unbuttoned pants or jeans and problem solved. If you are feeling uncomfortable and want to get out of your pre-pregnancy jeans all together, our stretchy seamless camis, basic leggings, underbelly pants and other maternity clothes are a great solution designed to keep you comfortable as you first start to show. Find the best essentials for your first months of pregnancy in the Trimester 1 collection at Ingrid & Isabel.