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We’re not sure what exactly brought you here. It could be the onset of new pregnancy changes (bet you’re thinking, I’ve never broken out here before). It could be that you’re just now realizing that every single thing you ingest, inhale, or apply to your skin goes straight to babe’s tiny body as well (that’ll make all moms buckle down on their ingredient lists). Or you may just be thinking, “Hey, I’m pregnant. Guess it’s time to adjust to a pregnancy skincare routine.”

Whatever it is, welcome. We’re glad you’re here. Reading this is already taking an extra step toward being more mindful of your skincare needs when you’re pregnant. So if you find yourself googling “how do I make this feel better” or “where do I find pregnancy-safe skincare products” you’re in luck.

We're sharing the best of the best pregnancy-safe skincare from head, shoulders, knees, and toes (🎶 knees and toes 🎶) to nourish and protect your growing bump and body in the sun, at home, and anywhere else you find yourself on this journey. From non-chemical SPF (v important ) to "under-there-care", to body-lovin’ bedtime lotion, here are our skincare + wellness wonders to help you focus a little less on pregnancy stress and a little more on taking care of what you do have control over: yourself. 


tinted mineral sunscreen

We are living for this sun-protection staple with a hint of tint—AKA the ultimate preggo pick-me-up. This sunscreen has all the power of non-nano mineral sunscreen, minus the unflattering pale cast (and harsh chemicals). What’s better than a cruelty-free, sheer-tinted mineral sunscreen infused with exceptionally moisturizing organic argan oil to help repair sun damage? Not much. Btw, each and every ingredient is purposefully sourced (thanks Mama Nature).

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acne facial bar

Bet you thought acne was just a non-negotiable side effect of your pregnancy. Think again. Turns out there are ways of combating acne without putting strong chemicals and acids into your body. This facial bar clears up pregnancy acne without leaving your skin a dry flaky mess. We’re looking to enhance the glow, not peel it. And, you guessed it, this bar is made with all organic, natural ingredients; so you can feel good about your skin and what you're putting on it.

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overnight brightening mask

Speaking of the glow; let's brighten things up even more with this exfoliating mask that is oh-so-gentle. And, sure, you may not be finding the most time for kicking your feet up and enjoying a face mask. This one is made for sleeping in, so you just gotta get some shut eye (if you need help with that, too, keep reading 😉 ) then wake up to supple, moisturized skin.

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Bet when you used to think of skincare you only really thought of your multi-step face routine, right? Pregnancy skincare is a whole new ballgame. It’s time to expand your horizons and give the rest of your skin some major TLC. We’re sure you know that your skin has to make some serious adjustments to accommodate a growing baby living inside of you. That means itching, dryness, and sometimes stretch marks. Help your chest and belly cope with these fav moisturizers.

chest + belly

boob tube

Not the kind of boob tube your parents used to talk about. For ever-growing breasts and too-taut skin, help your body keep up with a super moisturizing cream made for the throws and grows of maternity. Not only does this omega rich lotion help you feel better, it actually minimizes stretch marks by maximizing your chest’s elasticity. Start using it now and continue for up to six months postpartum — that’s right, it’s breastfeeding friendly.

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the oil

We branched into the skincare game and we’re really proud of what we made. I+I’s first skincare line was created because although we’re a collective all about providing moms with safe, natural ways to get through pregnancy, there just weren’t enough products we actually recommended. So, we made this botanical blend of just seven clean, EWG VERIFIED™ ingredients to relieve your dryness, tightness, itchiness, and stretch mark concerns. Oil up!

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skin + scar balm

Oof, does your stretching skin need some love, especially if you’re hoping to combat stretch marks. This skin + scar balm was handcrafted by a half-nurse, half-herbalist, 100% amazing mama who harnesses healing powers from the best mother out there: Mother Earth. If thinking about your stretching skin scarring makes you itch, we think this is the organic balm for you.

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Other than taking care of dry, stretching skin, there are other ways you need to be treating yo’ self! Your whole body is undertaking a new challenge during this pregnancy. That means new smells, weird sleep patterns, and there may be a hemorrhoid or two. These will help.


pregnancy deodorant

Pregnancy can come with some interesting… scents. Let’s just be real, you need to fight B.O. now more than ever. Enter the Mama Mio Pregnancy Deodorant. Yup, it’s literally made for pregnancy. It only makes sense to have a gentle, plant-based, aluminum-free deodorant that truly works for your changing body’s unique needs. You can count on this one to save your underarms (and nose).

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sleepy lotion

You’re dealing with a lot: random leg spasms, body aches, alllllll the emotions, and ya know — that whole tiny-human-inside-of-you thing. The key to a better night’s sleep can be found by calming your nervous system with this lotion’s active plant-based ingredients + pure magnesium chloride brine (who knew!). This essential oil blend helps to reduce anxiety and calm your mind before drifting off to dreamland. It can also help with postpartum aches and pains!

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rhoid balm

If you’re lucky enough to be unfamiliar with hemorrhoids, a quick Google search of “pregnancy hemorrhoids” will be enough to break you out in a cold sweat. Don’t worry, we got you. This all-natural balm gives you all the soothing amazingness you need to get back on your feet. Plus, it’s herb-powered, which means it’s safe to continue using through postpartum. No babies harmed here.

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While we’re at it, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you that bathtime seriously changes once lil guy comes along. Go ahead and soak up the precious time you do get in the shower now with these three pregnancy solutions that not only feel good but are proven to help.


pregnancy bath flakes

We know what you’ve heard about pregnancy and baths but just trust us. Keep the temp under 100°F and you’ll be so happy you indulged in these ultra-soothing bath flakes. Curious to know the ingredient list? 100% Dead Sea Salt. Yup, that’s seriously it. You can definitely count on these salty flakes to ease your aches, soothe stress, and give you some extra pep in your step.

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to mama, with love set

You deserve some self-care. This clean, nontoxic bath and body gift set is packed with safe, skin-lovin’ ingredients specially chosen for expecting and postpartum moms. Plus there's an exclusive body brush for dry brushing — our favorite technique for glowing skin. So go ahead, lock the bathroom door, and take some mommy me-time.

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mommy to be wash

It’s normal —and smart — to be a lil skeptical of vaginal washes. Haven’t you always heard all she needs is a bit of warm water and she’ll do the cleaning up herself? Well, when it comes to pregnancy, your hormones usually go all out of whack. This gently cleansing, super-safe wash is made to balance your pH, fight funky smells, and calm any discomfort your body may be bringing you. It’s made by humans with vaginas for humans with vaginas, so we trust this plant-derived recipe.

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So, there you have it. The skinny on pregnancy skincare. If you’re ready to stock up all at once, go for it. You don’t want to be left high and dry on a day that you suddenly need the Acne Facial Bar or Rhoid Balm. 

If you’re more of a “wait-and-see” kind of mom, bookmark this for later and just get what you need when you need it. You know your bod best! 

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