5 Self-Care Rituals for Pregnancy Support

5 Self-Care Rituals for Pregnancy Support

Here’s a reminder for all you pregnant mamas-to-be: Even though it seems normal life has been put on hold for the whole world, you are also creating life, and managing extra stress and uncertainty over health concerns that didn’t exist just a few weeks ago. That deserves not only a round of applause, but also some serious self-care. The first step toward taking some dedicated downtime is giving yourself permission to view it not as a luxury, but as a necessity. Luckily there are so many different ways to take care of your physical and mental well-being, you can create nourishing rituals whether you’re feeling overwhelmed (napping isn’t just for kids!) or need a stimulating outlet (Hello Pinterest!), even if it’s just for half an hour (a warm bath to the rescue). Self-care looks different for everyone, so take this list and run with it, adding your own practices as you go.

It doesn’t matter what your self-care looks like, only that you do it!

Take a Bath.

If submerging yourself in water sounds nice, but getting into a pool in a bathing suit doesn’t, turn your bathroom into a little oasis. Taking regular baths (of course, this only works if you have a tub) can be an incredibly nourishing practice, especially if you drop your favorite bath bomb in the water or add a relaxing essential oil, light some candles, and crank your playlist of choice.

Find a Project

Occupy your day with that book you’ve been meaning to read, or that hobby you wanted to learn (looking at you, knitting needles that have been gathering dust). Bring some of your Pinterest boards of baby nurseries to life. Just make time for doing things that make you happy. Plus! keeping your hands + mind busy will help fight off some boredom. If you want to spend your time relaxing with some Netflix on the couch, that’s ok too!

Have a Movie Night 

There’s nothing like snacking on a big bag of popcorn and streaming a rom-com, or a season of your fav series for an evening (or afternoon!) that feels luxurious and affordable. Quiet nights to yourself will probably be few and far between after baby arrives, so enjoy yourself now, and throw in some Junior Mints while you’re at it.

Have a Spa Day

An hour of your time can give you a week’s worth of feel-good. Plus the pampering is priceless. Splurge on a beauty item or two. Little things can go a long way when you’re at this point in your pregnancy, and sometimes a nice new makeup or beauty product can give you the glam boost you need. An at-home mani is one of the quickest and easiest ways to feel polished (pun intended!) and put together. Maybe it’s a special bath bomb (see above!), a heavenly face mask, or a new shade of lipstick that will give you an extra boost of confidence during that big Zoom meeting. 

Take a Break From the News 

Staying informed is important, but so is your mental health. Seek out reliable and accurate information, but constant stories from media outlets and social media about the current global climate can be overwhelming. It’s ok to take a step back. Fun idea: Host a Zoom call with your fellow Mamas.  Seeing all their faces is sure to boost your mood & warm your heart.