The Super Hero Project + PJs with a Smile

Ingrid & Isabel is proud to partner with PJs with a Smile, a super special charity that is near and dear to our hearts. Every year on Giving Tuesday, for every piece of clothing purchased that day, Ingrid & Isabel donates one piece of clothing directly to PJs with a Smile.


PJs with a Smile launched just two years ago, and is already in 10-15 hospitals in the tri-state area (serving 600+ new moms and rapidly growing each and every day). The charity aims to comfort and care for mom throughout her postpartum journey, once she leaves baby in the NICU post birth.

Since mothers leaving the NICU can’t go home with baby in hand, PJs with a Smile helps them leave the hospital with “something” to provide comfort- namely, a pair of fresh pjs, flowers, and even a hand written card with postpartum depression/anxiety hotline numbers, as well as personal numbers of mothers who have gone through the NICU experience.

PJs with a Smile is such an incredible initiative that is truly “all for mom.”  Most nonprofits focus on health of baby during and after pregnancy, and PJs with a Smile is truly a unique nonprofit that offers love, support, and guidance for mom throughout her postpartum journey.

For more information on PJs with a Smile/The SuperHero Project, CLICK HERE