Holistic Hormone Balancing

Holistic Hormone Balancing

By Alyssa Brieloff 

I started my account @alyssabrieloff to promote my “holysstic” lifestyle in every aspect from food to fitness to travel and more. Hormone balance is one of the many parts of my Holysstic Living journey, being that I have been on birth control for a few years due to the health reasons, I make sure to take care of my hormones as much as I can. Our hormones affect more than we may realize, everything from our mood, appetite, sex drive, gut health and more. When they become imbalanced it can cause us to be tired, moody, have weight gain or loss, infertility issues, irregular periods, low libido, digestive issues, anxiety and depression.

Given that I am on birth control, I have suffered from an imbalance in hormones, including digestive issues, insomnia, mood swings, adrenal fatigue, hormonal acne, and little to no periods. While this might not be for everyone, birth control is helping my potential endometriosis. Since I am not ready to start a family, my doctors have agreed this makes sense for the time being. I am extra conscious about what I put into my body to help try to balance my system. My go-to ways to help with my hormone imbalancement are also great options even if you are not on birth control. I work with a functional doctor at Parsley Health to help with my digestion and hormones. These tips are what work for me and may not work for you, always consult a doctor or nutritionist before starting anything.

My Favorite Powders

Maca Powder - I add this to my smoothies, lattes, and baked goods. It’s great for regulating your hormones by helping alleviate stress and increase your libido.

Ashwagandha - An herb which help hormonal balance by supporting your adrenal glands and stabilizing your sugar/insulin levels. I add this to my morning matcha and hot cocoa!

Turmeric - When activated with black pepper, it is a great spice to add to your meals to reduce inflammation in your body and slow the growth of fibroids.


My Favorite Supplements

Biohm Prebiotics/Probiotics Vitamin D3 (use code HOLYSSTIC for 15% off your order)

Rituals Essentials for Women

Gaia Adrenal Fatigue Supplements Magnesium Glycinate

My Favorite Foods

Foods high in healthy fats are an essential part of hormone balancing. Avoid refined sugar and caffeine as much as possible, as this can enhance hormonal issues.

Bone Broth Coconut Oil

Avocado Flax Seeds Salmon Chia Seeds

I also avoid gluten and dairy as these are inflammatory causing foods and can affect your hormones.

My Favorite Practices

Acupuncture - A Traditional Chinese Medicine practice that can help with pain, stress, digestion, and hormone health. My favorite place to go in NYC is WTHN, an ultra-modern, personalized, and convenient space bringing natural healing to modern day life. One of their menu items even specializes in women’s health!

Meditating - A great way to calm my busy and stressed mind and body.
I love using the app Headspace.

Exercise - Low impact workouts such as pilates or yoga are my favorite way to move my body and release stress. I have noticed exercises that don’t elevate my cortisol levels are more beneficial for me.

Essential Oils - Diffusing oils and applying them to your body can help with hormonal imbalances. Some of the best options for this are: Clary Sage which relieves PMS symptoms and can regulate your menstrual cycle. Lavender is great for stress and hormonal balance. Sandalwood can help increase your libido and reduce stress. Thyme is great for relieving health issues such as infertility, PCOS, menopause and more.


*I am not a professional, these are what work for me. Always consult with your doctor before taking anything. Check out the book Woman Code for hormone resources no matter what you are dealing with.