Traveling While Pregnant? Pack These 8 Essentials in Your Carry-On

While travel may have taken a back seat over the past year, more families are itching for a change of scenery and that means it’s time to get a move on as long as it’s safe (we’re looking at you, Delta variant). Whether you’re making holiday travel plans or want to get that babymoon in before giving birth, comfort and convenience are always top priorities when you’re traveling while pregnant or nursing on-the-go.

We picked a few of our favorite travel essentials to pack in your mama carry-on. Many of these are good for you and Mother Earth since they’re made with planet-friendly recycled materials. Let’s take a look at eight style and wellness essentials we’re loving these days for upcoming adventures. Bon voyage, ma!

1. EveryWear Wrap Tank

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This brand-new tank checks all the boxes when it comes to comfy/cute clothes to wear when you’re traveling while pregnant. It’s a pull-aside nursing and layering top constructed in our signature recycled EveryWear fabric. So soft and lightweight, we love it for feeding on the fly while dealing with unexpected letdowns. Thanks a lot, hormones. 

The sustainable stretch fabric is leak-absorbing and resists stains so it’s our pick for postpartum. The relaxed silhouette also fits a pregnant bump so you can sit in a car, plane, or train all day and still stay comfy. It’s the top that keeps on giving (versatility is kind of our thing). 

 2. EveryWear Woven Pant

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If you’re going with the EveryWear Wrap Tank for your next trip, might as well make it a whole look and get the matching pants. Our new EveryWear Woven Pant has a soft elastic, pull-on waistband that makes sitting for long periods a little more comfortable (bonus: no digging means less feeling like you have to pee every sec!).

Best of all, this pant/top combo is made from the same recycled stretch woven material so both styles are travel-friendly and wrinkle-resistant. 

“I love ironing on vacation!,” said no one ever. Having more time to do the things you want while staying comfy? Now that sounds like a vacation!

3. EveryWear Long Sleeve Wrap Tee

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We love anytime you can get a two-fer from a wardrobe piece, especially if it provides easy access for feedings. The EveryWear Long Sleeve Wrap Tee definitely checks that box and it’s a great long sleeve option to wear when you’re traveling. Its nursing friendly magic lies in the wrapped V-neck silhouette. Just snap it closed between feedings and you’re good to go without fear of a wardrobe malfunctiontraveling with babe is stressful enough!

Because it’s made from our signature recycled EveryWear fabric, you also don’t have to worry about stains showing. The stretch woven is moisture-wicking so despite the long sleeves, it’ll keep you cool when hormones bring the heat (or maybe that’s your screaming toddler...). 

We love that it’s made from planet-friendly, recycled materials without compromising softness. It’s also OEKO-TEX® certified so that means every thread, stitch, and clasp have been found harmless to you and babe.

4. Motif Compression Socks

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Swollen legs and feet = vacation buzzkill. And if you’re pregnant and booked a long-haul flight, chances are your doctor will recommend you wear compression socks. They’re medically designed to provide gradual pressure to the leg to help with circulation, especially during long periods of travel. 

What we don’t make ourselves, we curate for our mamasand we took our sweet time finding the perfect compression sock to wear during pregnancy. The search was finally over when we found these from Motif Medical. They need to be on your list of travel essentials because they do all the things like ease swelling and varicose veins, but they’re also super stretchy and easy to put ona total compression sock win. 

5. Honey Pot Mommy To Be Wipes

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Getting sweaty and feeling gross down there is unfortunately a thing when you’re sitting for long periods. And even when you’re notblame the pregnancy hormones!  

These Mommy to Be Wipes are our go-to solution for on-demand freshness when you’re traveling while pregnant. They help fight odor, balance pH, and make things feel a lot more comfortable down there until your next shower. #momlife

We love that they’re made from plant-derived ingredients (hey, coconut oil and cucumber!) that also reduce bad bacteria (shoutout to calendula!). And they are 100% safe for new and expecting moms. They’re great for traveling and otherwise. Do yourself a favor and add them to your cart now. You’ll thank us later.

 6. 8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Lotion

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No one tells you that the sleepless nights start long before babe arrives. The tossing, the turning, the aches, and the’s anything but sweet dreams. Add in not sleeping in your own bed while away, and you’ll wake up looking like a mombie. 

This special-blended sleepy lotion will both calm and blow your mind. Slather it on before bedtime to help reduce anxiety and finally get a good night’s sleep. It also helps with leg cramps while traveling and reduces postpartum aches and pains. It’s a winner all-around.  

Oh, and did we mention, the formula’s plant-derived? Go and get it now, mama.

 7. Erbaviva Quease Lip Balm

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When morning sickness starts to put a damper on that dream vacay, cue the pregnancy-safe lip balm. Just swipe it on in the AMor whenever you feel a wave of nausea approaching to get some immediate relief.

It’s made from organic cocoa butter, ginger root, and lavender oila combo known to help calm an upset stomach, prevent nausea and vomiting. It’s also a really good lip balm in its own right thanks to the light scent and perfect portability. You never know when nausea can strike (spoiler: it’s not just the mornings). 

8. Mother Mother Dry Shampoo

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Mother Mother, where have you been all of our lives?! Preggo, postpartum, or not, there are just those times when a shower is not going to happen. But as moms, we learn to improvise. Whip out a Mommy To Be Wipe, slap on some deodorant, and make sure you’ve got a good dry shampoo for those greasy roots.    

We love this one from Mother Mother since it’s mama-made and totally natural. It’s a life-saver for when you can’t get all sudsy in the shower but still want to keep that hair feeling fresh. Just sprinkle some of the plant-powered formula onto your roots, rub it in, and watch the magic unfold. Arrowroot powder and kaolin clay absorb oil and boost volume, while pink grapefruit and bergamot essential oils give your second or third day hair that fresh-from-the-shower scent. 

You don’t have to wait to travel to use it, either. It’s a great natural alternative to get that voluminous look without hairspray. After a few shakes, you’ll feel like a new woman. It’s the perfect solution for between washes. 


The Takeaway 

Traveling while pregnant can be stressful. Maybe you’ve also got a toddler in tow (and we’re all still navigating COVID guidelines). You’re probably sweating right now thinking about that upcoming trip you just booked! But then think about the memories you’ll make as a new fam or as a party of two before babe arrives–these are the things you’ll hold onto. Put these travel essentials on your packing list, take a deep breath, and try to relax and enjoy yourself! After all, you’ve waited months (maybe even years) to get away. 

Have another travel essential to add? Tell us in the comments below!


Ingrid & Isabel was born when its founder, Ingrid, was newly pregnant with her daughter Isabel and could no longer button her pre-pregnancy bottoms. She fashioned the first prototype of the Bellaband and spent three years perfecting the design before it hit shelves in 2003. To this day, every piece we make, we design with, on, and for moms. Shop our full line of maternity wear.

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