Sustainability Starts at Home


Us Mamas are concerned with our planet’s health, and how we’re leaving the planet for future generations.

We wanted to share what other Mamas are doing in their home to be sustainable and bring awareness to the state of our “Mother” Earth. We believe living a sustainable lifestyle starts at home with your family, and you can start with something as simple as putting on a pair of comfy jeans.

 maternity denim sustainable
Via @pleasantlypinner
"Did you know denim can be made sustainably?
My new maternity jeans from @ingridandisabel are made from REPREVE Sustainable Demin! They are so soft and comfortable you would never guess they’re made from recycled water bottles. We all want to leave Mama Earth in a better condition for our babies, something as simple as recycled denim can go so far!
Here are some tips to practice sustainability-
  • Purchase sustainable brands- Food, Drinks, Coffee, Clothing, the list goes on!
  • Shop second hand stores- give clothes more then one life!
  • Before you go to the store for a new toy see if you can find it used in a BST group- We are doing this for Christmas this year!
  • Buy reusable water bottles and straws- there are so many safe options!
How do you practice sustainability at home?"
sustainable maternity denim
via @christina_inreallife 
"I can't believe I never knew how comfortable maternity overalls are! I seriously might live in these for the next 4 months!!! This pair is from the newly launched sustainable denim line by @ingridandisabel. REPREVE sustainable denim is made from recycled plastic bottles, offsets using new petroleum, and conserves water and energy in the production process. Sustainable fashion is such an easy way to swap out products you buy for a more eco-conscious lifestyle!"
sustainable maternity denim
Via @stephreadblog
"There’s just something about being able to put on a pair of jeans that makes me feel so much more put together!👖
Huge thank you to @ingridandisabel for gifting me a couple pairs of maternity jeans from their new sustainable denim line! These jeans are made from recycled plastic bottles but you wouldn’t be able to tell by their perfect fit!
I have been making an effort to live a more eco-conscious life and love that even the smallest things can make a huge difference on the environment! A few of my favorite ways are using reusable water bottles, switching over to reusable cotton pads, and wearing sustainable clothing💙"

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