Curating a Breastfeeding-Friendly Closet: Nursing Essentials

Curating a Breastfeeding-Friendly Closet: Nursing Essentials

Breastfeeding can be a challenge, but dressing for it shouldn’t be. We are all about support, and making nursing on-the-go as easy as possible, which is why we’ve put so much time, energy, and new mama testing into the nursing bras and camis we offer, and why so many of our maternity dress and top styles are breastfeeding-friendly, for extra mileage in that postpartum period. Here are a few essentials you’ll be happy to have at any stage of pregnancy, and you’ll love them all over once you bring baby home.

Seamless Crossover Maternity & Nursing Bra

Easy to pull on, easy to pull down—no clasps make this nursing bra a go-to for easy feeding. Click to Shop!

Seamless Drop Cup Nursing Cami

Sometimes you want a little extra coverage and support after giving birth, especially when breastfeeding in public, and this cami is perfect for giving just that. Click to Shop!

Magnetic Closure Nursing Kimono Wrap

This cute kimono wrap is a perfect piece for layering while pregnant, but is indispensable post-baby thanks to magnetic closures that make nursing on the go totally discreet. 
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Polka Dot Racerback Maternity Maxi Dress

This dress is a maternity workhorse—it looks good at every stage of pregnancy and then gets major post-baby points for its nursing functionality, thanks to a crossover top that pulls away. Click to Shop!

Kimono Sleeve Pleated Front Nursing Dress

This timeless kimono sleeve dress is a secret breastfeeding score: hidden zippers in the pleated front provide easy nursing access without any extra exposure. Click to Shop!

Sleeveless Cross Front Nursing and Maternity Top

Just lift the fabric of this cute cross front top and you’ve got instant, full-coverage nursing capabilities. Click to Shop!

Long Sleeve Cross Front Nursing and Maternity Top

The long-sleeve version is just as great! And perfect for evenings out or chillier days. 
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Drop Cup Nursing and Maternity Chemise

This soft knit nightgown features easy to unclasp cups for easy nursing at all hours of the day or night—just the right thing to pack in your hospital bag. Click to Shop!