6 Work-From-Home Outfit Essentials

6 Work-From-Home Outfit Essentials

A silver lining of this new normal we’re all living in is how it has changed the workforce. Today working from home is no longer a nice-to-have option. It’s more often the norm and comes with a lot of perks. No traffic, less gas, home cooked meals, and the best part?

Way comfier clothes

But this doesn’t mean you should show up for your morning Zoom in sweats every single day. We want you to feel cute, comfy, and definitely not frumpy (sayonara, tent dress). So we made some great “above the keyboard” options...designer speak...to bridge your two worlds. Clothes that are stylish enough to wear out, yet comfortable enough to hang in all day long.

Lucky for you, you get to work while growing that little miracle from the comforts of your own home. And as you’re well aware, when you’ve already got a tiny babe sitting on our bladder all day, the last thing you need is constricting clothing. But don’t you worry, mama...we have just the solution.

Biz on the top, party on the bottom

Since your pre-pregnancy work clothes either don’t fit you, your new lifestyle, or both, let’s get to work finding you a new WFH lineup. And of course your sweatpants can stay (your bump needs breathing room after all!). Pair ‘em with one of our new favorite tops made with the Zoom mama in mind, and this killer combo will leave you loving the work-from-home life even more.

Let’s check out some of our new fall pieces that put a comfy-yet-profesh twist on your new normal.

1. During + After Reversible Top


Whether you’re expecting or just had a babe, this blouse needs to be on your work-from-home rotation. Wear it as a peplum with the buttons in back when you’re preggo, then sport it as a nursing top once you’ve given birth (hence “before + after” in the name...clever, right?).

That’s because this reversible style converts as your body changes. The buttons go from stylish ‘lil back feature to allowing quick and easy nursing access when you wear them in front. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re suckers for a functional detail, and you just can’t go wrong with buttons.

This top is our go-to WFH option for feeding and bouncing babe. No wardrobe change necessary: just unbutton, nurse, re-button, then turn your camera back on. We love it as a maternity top too. The low peplum silhouette’s designed to elongate your pregnant torso. Two birds, one stone…it’s a best of both worlds kinda thing.

2. Button Front Sweetheart Top


If you were a fan of the sweetheart neckline pre-pregnancy, you’re going to love it even more now. It gets our vote as the most flattering neck out there since it perfectly frames that gorgeous face of yours and shows more than just a hint of collarbone. The sweetheart neckline is also ideal for the Zoom world since it’s a trend that’s necklace-friendly, and it also makes a statement on its own. 

We love the longer length of this top to drape your growing bump, and the rich pop of fall-inspired color for the webcam. And of course, we added buttons to this gal too. They’re not only an elongating feature, they’re our favorite stylish-slash-sneaky way to turn any top into a nursing-friendly staple. Remember, it’s about working smarter not harder, ladies. We all have a lot on our plates. 

3. EveryWear Smocked Top


Our EveryWear fabric does it again with this oh so lovely top that checks all the boxes for comfort and style, especially when you’re working from home. The square neck, collarbone-friendly style flatters above the keyboard, and it has a beautiful drape to allow room for your belly to grow. The fabric is so lightweight that it magically never looks bulkyso consider this top a flattering choice for your postpartum wardrobe too (during + after...two birds, one stone...noticing a pattern here?).

We love the smocked bodice that’s so on-trend right now and our favorite excuse to go braless (another WFH perk...). Add growing a human to your resume and look stylish while you’re at it when you choose versatile work-from-home pieces like these. 

And now, it’s time to find you a bottom so you don’t become that guy in the Folgers commercial. Like we said before, sweatpants have their place in your work-from-home wardrobe but maybe not the ones you’ve been rocking every single day since the pandemic began. So if you’re willing to give those go-to sweats a break or at least add in another option to your WFH rotation, we got a few fan favorites we’d like to tell you about...  

4. Relaxed Lounge Pant


Every great Zoom wardrobe needs a pant with PJ-level comfort without looking like you rolled out of bed. Our Relaxed Lounge Pant gets the job done whether you’re pregnant or just back in the WFH action. Plus she’s black and wide-legged…so chic. 

This is a new-ish style from us, but moms are already loving it thanks to the relaxed fit around the hips, perfect for when you’re working from home. Plus the foldover waistband is key. Wear it over your belly for extra coverage or folded down to give your bump some more room. There’s no right or wrong way…that’s the beauty of dressing for Zoom!

Style tip: pair it with the During + After Reversible Top for a profesh on the top, loose/flowy on the bottom look. 

5. Fold Down Legging


We applaud those ladies that can go their entire pregnancies in leggings. And now that WFH culture is making the dream more of a reality, we recommend snagging this oh so buttery soft and stretchy pair (and maybe picking up a backup tooone to wash, one to wear). 

We love The Fold Down Legging for Zoom check-ins, preschool pickup, and everything in between. The high-rise panel gives you the option to wear it up or folded down so it works great for all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

When you’re clicking from meeting to meeting, pair this legging with our new Button Front Sweetheart Top, and you get the best of both worlds. Who said moms can’t have it all?!

6. Knit Jogger Pant


If leggings aren’t your thing and you’re looking for a cozier bottom, The Knit Jogger Pant is the one for you. This casual style sits below the belly and is the perfect laid-back option to take your WFH lifestyle through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

We love this pair for home office to errands, and throwing them on with our new EveryWear Smocked Top for an “I’ve got my sh*t together” look on Zoom. Best of all, you can rotate tops from day to day and keep this comfy knit jogger on repeat and no one on your screen will ever know (don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us). 

In Conclusion…

When you’re working from home, all the fashion “rules” go out the window. So as long as you’re Zoom appropriate on top, you’re free to lean on comfort all the way for the bottom. And remember comfy doesn’t have to equal frumpy. Instead, it's a fashion meets function kinda thing for making the most out of your situation. 

And because a lounge-worthy wardrobe doesn’t mean anything without comfy underpinnings, choose a wireless bra (we’ve got some great options for nursing) and pair with some soft undies (like this pair that has built-in cooling!). 

Even if your pants are giving you all the PJ vibes and making you want to curl up at your desk all day, don’t forget to take breaks between calls to get up and walk around (so important when you’re growing a babe!). May we even suggest taking a stroll around the block to show off that new top? Another great WFH perk...

That’s the amazing thing about working from home when you’re pregnant or nursingit’s just that much easier to take care of yourself and babe when you cut out the commute. From morning sickness to pumping schedules and everything in between, the journey isn’t always easy or glamorous. Having the option to turn your camera off and do what you need to do is a total mom win...so is staying in your sweats all day! 

Are you a WFH mama? Tell us in the comments below!