Homeless Prenatal Program - San Francisco

We are proud to give back to our community and support Homeless Prenatal Program. Based in San Francisco, HPP has been serving and empowering homeless and low-income families for 30 years. HPP focuses particularly on mothers motivated by pregnancy and parenthood, to find within themselves the strength and confidence they need to transform their lives. 

Our Partnership:

"Thank you to Ingrid & Isabel for your outstanding partnership and generosity, especially in this time of unprecedented need. HPP has seen a great increase in families reaching out for support and anticipates that the economic crisis caused by the public health crisis will have wide-ranging, long-lasting effects beyond the pandemic. HPP is committed to ensuring families are healthy and housed today and have the support they need months or years from now as we recover from the crises together." 

-Martha Ryan, Founder & Executive Director 

COVID-19 Response:

HPP is committed to being there for families both now and after the COVID-19 crisis has calmed. As an essential service to the community, the organization continues to support families with remote case management, as well as through weekly distribution of food, diapers, cleaning products and other goods both onsite and through doorstep drop-offs. Case managers have received special training in distance case management and best practices, and continue to receive clinical guidance and consultation from the agency’s mental health team.

Since San Francisco began staying home in March of 2020, HPP has distributed: 

  • 357,901 diapers (more than the amount they usually distribute in one year) The need for diapers has more than doubled since shelter-in-place. HPP is increasing the amount of diapers that families can receive weekly in order to decrease the necessity of multiple commutes.

  • 16,158 food bags With schools closed, families are anxious about how to provide meals for their school-aged children who receive school breakfast and lunch programs. While satellite food programs have launched first-come first-serve meals, getting to these sites is difficult for families and/or pose extended exposure. For single-parent households and/or pregnant women, these challenges can deter families from accessing this resource. 

  • $341,811 in grocery vouchers In addition to food bags, HPP is distributing food cards so that families can purchase additional foods, household essentials and/or medicines as needed. While any family in need can request/receive gift cards, HPP is significantly invested in supporting two particularly vulnerable populations: undocumented families and families experiencing domestic violence.

  • 216 laptops/tablets HPP is helping families get technologies needed for school, job readiness/housing search, educational enrichment, tele-health, remote case management/therapy and social support.

  • And more These numbers continue to climb weekly. 

  • As you build your pantries and emergency kits, please consider helping HPP build theirs in this time of widespread need.

    Learn More:
    Click here to make an individual donation to Homeless Prenatal Program.

    Visit www.homelessprenatal.org to learn more about HPP and their efforts.

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