Happy Father's Day
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Here's what our team has to say about the amazing dads in their lives:

#RadDad: Luigi

2 Babes: Sloane + Olive

My husband, Luigi, is CRUSHING it at being a stay at home Dad to our 2 young girls Sloane (3 years) and Olive (9 months). Due to SIP for COVID, we sadly had to close our restaurant temporarily. I, however, have never been busier.  Luigi has seamlessly transitioned to his new title of SAHD. He handles Sloane’s daily preschool Zoom classes, goes on nature walks, paints rocks and pine cones that they find on their adventures, bike and scooter rides, and set up a water park in our backyard all while balancing baby feeding schedules and nap times. He has created our new normal and made quarantine fun. Being a stay-at-home parent is not easy and he does it effortlessly and with a lot of laughs. Happy Father’s Day to this truly amazing Dad. We love you.
VP Operations
Andrea Petrone

#RadDad: Sean

2 Babes: Solo + 1 On the Way!

Sean has always been an amazing father, but during SIP he’s really stepped it up. I’m about 17 weeks pregnant now and knowing how tired I’ve been he’s taken charge and has single-handedly gotten our 3-year-old out of the house multiple times daily. Whether it’s for bike rides, puddle jumping, or a casual 2-mile neighborhood walk, Sean makes sure that our crazy toddler is getting his toddler thrills somehow. Oh, and did I mention that he lets me sleep in every weekend? DREAMBOAT.
Art Director
Diana Won

#RadDad: Chuck

1 babe: Ella + 1 On the way!

Chuck has always been a rad dad, but SIP has awarded us with so much extra time together. He’s really gone into dad overdrive working full time, taking shifts with our hyperactive toddler, cooking family meals, and satisfying all my crazy “nesting” desires at 8+ months pregnant. Being witness to his creativity in playing with our daughter has been such a delight. He’s built tunnel towns and ball drops out of cardboard boxes, dry ice fog machines, blanket forts and so much more. I can’t wait to see him grow into his new role of #GirlDadx2!

Graphic Designer

Dana Holliday Kraus

#RadDad: Bill

2 Babes: Giulia + Gemma

The only thing better than having Bill by my side is watching him be the ultimate girl dad.  I’m so appreciative of the fun and adventure he brings to our lives!
VP Revenue
Anne Wiesman

#RadDad: Scott

1 Babe: Parker

This Father's Day will be Scott's first. I have never been more grateful for him in our entire 13 year long relationship. During these last few months postpartum, to say he has truly embraced his new title would be an under statement. Not only does he show up for our daughter each and every day with enthusiasm and love, but he has managed to have energy to still nurture and care for me. He cleans up the house, makes dinner, brings me water + snacks when I'm nursing, does the grocery shopping, and makes sure we are stocked up with everything we could possibly need with a new baby during a pandemic. He is my best friend, and I am so grateful to be able to call him Parker's Dada. 
Associate Marketing Director
Jessica Jalowiec

#RadDad: Rhasan

1 Babe: Ozma

My husband has been working double duty, doing the majority of baby care while he works, since I started a new job the week before shelter in place went into effect.
Whitney Valentine-Wafter

#RadDad: Adam

3 Babes: Benny, Adela, + Levi

I thank him for being my rock, my favorite person on this planet who has this magical power of making every obstacle seem so easy.
Senior Designer
Gabi Tabak

Extra Special Shoutout!

#RadDad Rudy

Happy Father's Day to our web ops guru who keeps .com running smoothly. One cat shirt + jiu jitsu move at a time...

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