Curating a Bump-Friendly Closet: The Crossover Panel®

Every mama has a secret style weapon (or two) in her maternity wardrobe.

Our Crossover Panel® may just be yours. This panel is perfection thanks to all the women at various stages of pregnancy who helped us test it—now this patented technology is just right. Anchored at your lower back (with a deep V so you don’t get hot and sweaty), it gets more supportive the bigger your belly gets, while always being gentle and comfortable. And you can always choose to wear it folded down, if you’re in the early stages of pregnancy or during the first couple months post-baby. Once you go Crossover Panel®, you might not go back, so we’ve picked a handful of our favorite pieces that will give you that sweet Crossover Panel® support no matter what you’re doing.

At Home:

Maternity Workout Legging with Crossover Panel®

These simple black leggings are perfect for lounging around the house, doing laundry, cooking dinner, binge-watching your new favorite show or whatever else you do at home. And if you want to run errands just throw on some sneakers, they look good enough to wear out of the house too. Click to Shop!

At Work:

Ponte 5 Pocket Ankle Legging with Crossover Panel®

We spend our most hours at work so a little extra support can go a long way. These ponte pants are soft and stretchy but still structured, which makes them an easy go-to for weekday style. Click to Shop! 

Working Out:

Moto Maternity Workout Legging with Crossover Panel®

Staying active is a crucial part of pregnancy, and these—dare we say sexy?—leggings will give you the extra support you need whether you’re prenatal yoga-ing or jogging on the daily. Click to Shop!

Out and About, Day

Maternity Boyfriend Jeans with Crossover Panel®

Boyfriend jeans are a style staple; our Crossover Panel makes this denim pair a maternity must-have. They’re especially great for taking care of all your daytime to-dos, from grabbing coffee to grocery shopping. Click to Shop!

Out and About Night:

Faux Leather Maternity Legging with Crossover Panel®

Whether it’s happy hour (mocktails!), date night, or a client dinner, these faux leather leggings will serve up Crossover Panel support throughout the evening. Click to Shop!

Ingrid & Isabel was born when its founder, Ingrid, was newly pregnant with her daughter Isabel and could no longer button her pre-pregnancy bottoms. She fashioned the first prototype of the Bellaband and spent three years perfecting the design before it hit shelves in 2003. To this day, every piece we make, we design with, on, and for moms. Shop our full line of maternity wear.

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