All You Need to Know About Hosting a Sip and See

All You Need to Know About Hosting a Sip and See

Everyone is familiar with the age-old baby shower.

But have you been to a sip and see? It’s the latest baby-related shindig that’s gaining momentum, and it might just be the most fun yet.


What Is It?

Unlike a baby shower, which is hosted by someone else, takes place pre-birth, and where the mama-to-be is the guest of honor, a sip and see, which originated in the South, is a fun and easy way for friends and family to meet the new babe. It’s typically hosted by the parents and has more of a casual open-house vibe than a set party schedule. Food and beverages (the “sip”) are involved, and obviously it’s the brand-new little one who gets all the attention (the “see”).

Why Have One?

Though there’s lots of celebrating leading up to baby, post-delivery can feel like you’re just trying to maintain. Hosting a sip and see not only gives your friends and relatives the chance to meet your little one on your terms (during your designated hours!), but it can also remind you that you’ve got a loving group of people ready to support you when needed, something that’s easy to forget during those isolating, sleep-depriving 2 a.m. feedings.

What to Consider

The beauty of a sip and see is that you have total control over when to have it, who to invite, what to serve, and the party’s vibe in general. But, as a new mama figuring out life with a newborn, this can also be the drawback. So just remember that hosting a sip and see is totally optional. It should feel fun, and the planning should be as stress-free as possible. It’s best to wait a couple months or so after delivery, until you feel ready to host and when baby’s immune system is a little more robust.

How to Plan

Most sip and sees are co-ed, and take place over several hours with guests dropping by and leaving as they please. Make it easy on yourself by simply emailing invites, and what you serve is up to you, whether it’s a full brunch, lunch, or dinner spread; a table full of snacks; or simply a dessert bar. The sip part should be easy too: a mimosa or bloody Mary bar is great for early in the day, pitchers of margaritas or some other batch cocktail are always a hit and make the prep work lighter, or just fill a cooler with some beer and have bottles of wine on hand. Hate games? There’s no need to play them! But if you want to, that’s totally up to you too. If you’ve already had a baby shower, you probably want to make this party gift-free, so don’t feel the need to include your registry on invites (but that doesn’t mean guests won’t bring presents anyway).

Above all, just remember that no one’s expecting the party of the year, they just want to meet your babe and that means you can enjoy a few hands-free hours catching up on life outside of feeding schedules and diaper blowouts.