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Maternity denim magic.

Better panel. Better denim. Better fit.


We heard you — your maternity denim isn’t cutting it. It’s why we’ve spent years developing our
first-ever denim collection, carefully perfecting each detail. We fitted hundreds of pregnant women,
tailoring for real bodies. We finessed our washes until we l-o-v-e-d them, and made sure each style
had perfectly balanced sculpting and stretch.

The result? Premium-quality denim that looks and feels amazing at every stage.

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The Crossover Panel

As your belly grows, it presses outward on the Crossover Panel.
This creates a gentle forward pull, anchored at the lower back for light support.
The bigger you get, the more support you receive.

A multi-sectional, double-layer
construction forms a contoured belly
panel that grows with you.
No more slipping or digging in...
the panel keeps everything
comfortably in place.
Crossover shape covers less
of your back than a full panel
so you stay cool.

The styles

Image Map

The Kate Slim Boot
Classic and oh-so-flattering.
The Sasha Skinny
The every girl — versatile and essential.
The Mia Boyfriend
Perfectly distressed with the ideal slouch.

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