Seamless Belly Leggings

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Luxuriously soft, this versatile seamless maternity legging brings everyday comfort and style to your maternity wardrobe.

Why We Love It


  • Belly panel can be worn up or folded down
  • High density seamless knit for coverage and comfort
  • Fabricated to stretch and recover with your changing shape
  • Full length



93% Nylon / 7% Spandex Wash cold with like colors. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. No iron.

Fit Notes


Model is 5' 9", 7 1/2 months pregnant, wears size 1.

Moms are saying...

Good, not great
Looking for leggings I can grow into (early 2nd trimester right now). Others are right about the sagging crotch! There is just NO WAY to get them all the way up. Only other complaint is that they are completely see-through from behind, so make sure you've got something else to cover your buns! I do think they're incredibly comfortable and will keep them around the house. My husband is not at all upset that they're see through!
Review by Kristen on 2/1/2016
Love them!
These are by far the most comfortable pair of leggings I have ever owned. They are super soft and even though the material does look a little like "thick/heavy tights", I didn't find them to be see-through at all! They accommodate my growing belly without any discomfort, and they don't creep down either, I have not had to stop and pull them up a single time since I've started wearing them, and I walk a lot.
Review by Daniela on 11/15/2015
Between tights and leggings
I just got these leggings today. I was literally stalking the FedEx guy waiting for these to arrive. I ordered some additional items too but I put these on first and they feel amazing. This is my first pregnancy and I have never had a pair of leggings that are so comfortable. Some of these reviews are not all positive and I get it. These are interesting because I live in workout clothes and active wear, the fabric is smooth. It's awesome though nothing is binding me typically because of having athletic thighs and calfs capris leave a mark on my lower leg. These feel great the fabric is thin but you can't see through it. I am just loving the smoothness, nothing is binding me. These will be great going into the spring because the fabric is light. So far so good.
Review by Clairefojo on 1/30/2015
Love these leggings!
On one blog I read, she said these were her favorite purchase during her pregnancy and I totally see why. I'm 5'5" 175lbs, and even before baby, I carry most of my weight in my belly. I got a size 2 and they are wonderful! The material is a bit like thick tights so I was a bit skeptical at first. I love love love these leggings and I totally live in them! I see some complaints from people that they have to wear a dress or tunic with them... maybe its purely opinion, but unless you are at the gym, I kind of think past the age of 18 you should be wearing something to cover your butt with leggings anyways. This is my second purchase of these leggings because I wear them so frequently. I love that I can fold over the waist band and wear in early pregnancy (and probably post pregnancy, not there yet!) and can have them completely cover my tummy which helps them stay up and keeps me warm. I also saw reviews where people say they sag. I guess I might just be kind of used to this because all of pregnancy pants kind of sag. I just pull them up - no big deal, hasn't ever really bothered me. I think in general they are very well made and the company truly thinks about pregnant women and their bodies when making their clothing, so thank you Ingrid & Isabel.
Review by Erin on 12/5/2014
Love love
I first bought these when I was pregnant with my son, several years ago. They are amazing. So comfortable and thicker than most tight leggings, but seem less unlike pants legs. I love that they don't make am indent on my belly and they cover my belly up. For those who have sagging issues, I think maybe it is the size... I tried to wear these a few times post baby (felt like they for in the house), but the moment I was outdoors and moving they wanted to fall off! I am normally an 8/10 and I am 5.9... I have a medium, which looks like it is now sized a 2. They are definitely long in the leg, which is why I (with long legs) love them! I am here now to order another pair as the pair I have currently is all I want to ware!
Review by Alison on 11/23/2014
Owesom leggings
It's my first pregnancy and I had no idea what kind of stuff to buy, but I made my research on best maternity leggings. It shows up that Ingrid and Isabel are the best leggings for me. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I already feel like I am going to wear them every day.
Review by Elena on 11/7/2014
These are great!
These are exactly what I expected and wanted! I'm 5' 10", 7 months pregnant (but measuring 3 weeks bigger) at a current weight of 187lbs, and wear a maternity size 10/12 in jeans. I ordered a size 3 because I read all the other very informative reviews that these tend to be a little sheer. I sit at a desk and do computer work all day and wanted something without a tight waistband that will look stylish under tunics, long sweaters, and with boots. These win on every level and feel so wonderful and unrestrictive that I've decided to pack these into my hospital bag once that time arrives. I recommend ordering up- it might help to solve that "too sheer" problem people are having. Thanks for the comfortable leggings, Ingrid & Isabel! I've felt more stylish and at ease in your clothes than I ever have in my non-maternity wardrobe. :)
Review by Lindsay on 8/21/2014
Great for the price
I am 6 months along and have been trying to find the perfect pair of maternity leggings since finding out I was pregnant. I've tried Splendid, Pea in a Pod, Gap, etc. None of them seemed to work; they were all either uncomfortable or too thin (see through or not enough support).

This pair from Ingrid and Isabel is perfect. They are reasonably priced, comfortable, and are not see through like others I've tried. I'm 5'8" and weighed 125 pre pregnancy. I ordered the leggings in size 1 and they fit well. I'll definitely recommend them to others!
Review by Love these on 8/19/2014
Most comfortable leggings ever!
These maternity leggings are a little like tights, but I LOVE them. They are so comfortable and easy to move in. I've been living in them for weeks now. Highly recommend.
Review by Tammy on 8/7/2014
heavy tights
These leggings are not what I expected. I was hoping for true leggings that I could wear without worrying about covering my bottom. These 'leggings' are more heavy tights, down to the almost shiny appearance. There is definitely an issue with them being see-through so I would only wear them under a long tunic or dress. They are high quality but not what I was looking for.
Review by Christina on 7/2/2014
Wanted to love them
I was so excited to order these and really wanted to love them. They look great on until you start walking. They start to sag and I end up with the dreaded saggy crotch look. I am all baby belly and was hoping I could finally get a great pair of maternity leggings that are tight all over and just love. is not this pair.
Review by Katherine on 7/2/2014
They were almost great
These are high quality material that holds up to wear and are thick enough to cover (unlike cheaper ones I've gotten at Target and Nordstrom that are thread bare after a few wears). However, they don't fit properly. As soon as you walk, the crotch sags and no amount of pulling them up helps. I was hoping this would be my go to pair of leggings to live in throughout the pregnancy, which is why I invested in what I was hoping would be a great pair, however, they're so uncomfortable with the saggy crotch, I don't wear them. Very disappointed in these leggings. Not worth the investment. I'd rather buy 5 pairs of low quality ones that actually fit.
Review by Kristi on 7/2/2014
Sagging Crotch, Sweaty
These leggings are awful. First, the leggings do not stay put. They gradually sag throughout the day, and you end up with a sagging crotch. I walk about a mile to get to work, and I must have pulled my leggings up about 10 times during that walk. It was not attractive. Second, I don't like the material. It is very heavy and synthetic. It doesn't breathe. Between the two problems, you will end up with a saggy, sweaty crotch. Ugh. Sadly, I wore them once and cannot return them. I bought them based on a blog review stating that they are the best maternity leggings ever. It must have been a paid endorsement. Save yourself $35 and get some Old Navy leggings.
Review by Candice on 7/2/2014
Great for long & lean
I wish I had bought these as soon as I got pregnant. Not being a fan of tights normally, I purchased a couple of cheaper pairs from Old Navy. They were too short, too tight, not long enough in the belly and I couldn't take two steps without itching! I decided to splurge on these because they are seamless. They are actually long enough to cover my ankles and my whole belly. The leggings are thick enough that I can layer them over another pair of tights for winter warmth. I love that there is no seams to rub against my tight belly so no itching! I wear these at least twice a week and love the comfort. They also wash well and dry quickly.
Review by Sherri on 7/2/2014

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