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Luxuriously soft, this versatile seamless maternity legging brings everyday comfort and style to your maternity wardrobe.

  • Full belly panel can be worn pulled high, folded at or under the hips
  • Woven to create a high density knit for coverage and comfort
  • Fabricated to stretch and recover
  • Wear throughout and after pregnancy
  • Full length

93% Nylon / 7% Spandex Wash cold with like colors. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. No iron.

Customer Reviews

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1. Great for long & lean 01/23/14
by: Sherri

I wish I had bought these as soon as I got pregnant. Not being a fan of tights normally, I purchased a couple of cheaper pairs from Old Navy. They were too short, too tight, not long enough in the belly and I couldn't take two steps without itching! I decided to splurge on these because they are seamless. They are actually long enough to cover my ankles and my whole belly. The leggings are thick enough that I can layer them over another pair of tights for winter warmth. I love that there is no seams to rub against my tight belly so no itching! I wear these at least twice a week and love the comfort. They also wash well and dry quickly.

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2. Sagging Crotch, Sweaty 11/22/13
by: Candice

These leggings are awful. First, the leggings do not stay put. They gradually sag throughout the day, and you end up with a sagging crotch. I walk about a mile to get to work, and I must have pulled my leggings up about 10 times during that walk. It was not attractive. Second, I don't like the material. It is very heavy and synthetic. It doesn't breathe. Between the two problems, you will end up with a saggy, sweaty crotch. Ugh. Sadly, I wore them once and cannot return them. I bought them based on a blog review stating that they are the best maternity leggings ever. It must have been a paid endorsement. Save yourself $35 and get some Old Navy leggings.

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3. They were almost great 11/22/13
by: Kristi

These are high quality material that holds up to wear and are thick enough to cover (unlike cheaper ones I've gotten at Target and Nordstrom that are thread bare after a few wears). However, they don't fit properly. As soon as you walk, the crotch sags and no amount of pulling them up helps. I was hoping this would be my go to pair of leggings to live in throughout the pregnancy, which is why I invested in what I was hoping would be a great pair, however, they're so uncomfortable with the saggy crotch, I don't wear them. Very disappointed in these leggings. Not worth the investment. I'd rather buy 5 pairs of low quality ones that actually fit.

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4. Wanted to love them 11/11/13
by: Katherine

I was so excited to order these and really wanted to love them. They look great on until you start walking. They start to sag and I end up with the dreaded saggy crotch look. I am all baby belly and was hoping I could finally get a great pair of maternity leggings that are tight all over and just love. is not this pair.

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5. heavy tights 11/10/13
by: Christina

These leggings are not what I expected. I was hoping for true leggings that I could wear without worrying about covering my bottom. These 'leggings' are more heavy tights, down to the almost shiny appearance. There is definitely an issue with them being see-through so I would only wear them under a long tunic or dress. They are high quality but not what I was looking for.

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