Bellaband: How To Wear

During Pregnancy

Give yourself more wardrobe choices by wearing Bellaband with pre–pregnancy clothes that are too small or maternity clothes that are too big—and later, with maternity clothes that slip down below your belly.

  • Wear Bellaband with unbuttoned or unzipped pre-pregnancy jeans, pants, skirts and shorts.
  • Fold Bellaband to add a layer that hides buttons and zippers, or use it as a single layer to cover your waistband and belly.
  • The Bellaband even helps transition clothes last longer when they eventually become too tight.
  • Hold up loose maternity clothes, concealing excess fabric and smoothing out panels and elastic waistbands.
  • Give maternity pants extra reinforcement, so they don't slip down under your belly.

After Baby

You can't leave the hospital in pre-pregnancy clothes (and if you can, we don't want to hear about it).

  • Once your baby arrives, wear Bellaband with maternity clothes that gradually become too large or pre-pregnancy clothes that are too snug.
  • Nursing? Wear Bellaband under any shirt to give yourself extra coverage when you lift your top from below.

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